Achieving the MDSAP certification confirms our ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest quality assurance standards within the In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices (IVD). The certification provides compliance in new jurisdictions enabling great potential for future market expansion and growth.
Fredrik Alpsten, CEO at Devyser Diagnostics AB.
Delivering products that meet our customers’ high expectations is at the core of our business. The MDSAP certification is yet another token of this commitment, an achievement made possible by the entire Devyser staff and their unwavering focus on quality.
Olle Myrberg, Head of Quality Assurance at Devyser.
When Covid-19 testing took precedence over all other types of molecular diagnostics thousands of other patients had to wait for their test results, in many cases significantly delaying diagnosis and treatment
Ulf Klangby, founding partner and CEO, Devyser
Laboratories now face a massive testing debt as ordinary testing is resumed. I am proud that Devyser now offers a game-changing solution for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer diagnostics that enables laboratories to deliver results in just 24 hours, faster than any other product on the market. With hands-on time kept to a minimum, the lab can process large volumes quickly and deliver the critical results without any further delays
Ulf Klangby, founding partner and CEO, Devyser
Current technologies for measurement of mixed chimerism either have limitations in sensitivity, or lack precision at higher levels of mixed chimerism. In this study we show that assays utilizing the quantitative properties of the NGS technology may replace both current STR and qPCR protocols used in our lab with a single assay combining both high sensitivity and precision throughout the dynamic range of the test
Dan Hauzenberger, Medical director at the Section for Transplantation Immunology at the Karolinska Hospital
We are very happy to provide routine diagnostics labs with an assay that offers all the advantages of modern technologies in a single test. This solution will relieve laboratories of the burden of labor-intensive and combined complex workflows so that they can really focus on diagnostics.
Ulf Klangby, CEO Devyser
There is an increasing demand for our prenatal diagnostic products in China. Dahui Biotech’s established distribution and service organization reaches genetic laboratories across China. This, together with their extensive expertise in prenatal diagnostic products, makes Dahui Biotech the ideal distribution partner for our products.
Ulf Klangby, CEO Devyser
We are excited to offer Devyser’s popular prenatal diagnostic products in China. The products are already in use at several reference laboratories in China and are in demand because of their high quality. They help laboratories speed up analysis time from weeks to hours, thereby improving throughput and reducing parental anxiety through shorter waiting time. This is fully in line with our commitment to always offer the best available technology to our customers.
Cheng Zhang, CEO Dahui Biotech
I extend a warm welcome to Oliver Krause, who brings extensive knowledge and experience of the German, Austrian and Swiss diagnostic markets. He understands the needs of our customers and the specific requirements of the diagnostic lab. Our products are well-known in German-speaking Europe, and with his leadership in our local office, we look forward to continuing our growth
Ulf Klangby, CEO Devyser
I have always been impressed by Devyser’s commitment to product development based on customer needs, combined with an excellent reputation in the market. This makes us one of the most preferred suppliers of DNA diagnostics.
Oliver Krause, CEO Devyser Germany
Devyser is in a very exciting phase, especially with the launch of next-generation sequencing products, and I look forward to representing the company and contributing to our further success
Oliver Krause, CEO Devyser Germany
We are very excited to offer NGS technology that has the capacity to revolutionize genetic testing. This solution will relieve laboratories from the burden of labor-intensive and complex workflows so that they can really focus on diagnostics. Our partnership will help continue to reduce the diagnostic turnaround time from days to hours, enabling laboratories to significantly improve their efficiency and cut costs
Ulf Klangby, CEO Devyser
We are very pleased to broaden the choice of NGS kits supported by Sophia DDM®. Our fast-growing clinical genomics community will be able to leverage Devyser’s reliable and easy-to-use products to obtain clinical grade results on Sophia DDM®. This partnership continues to help laboratories unlock the power of NGS with record-low turnaround time, improving both diagnostics and treatment options for patients
Jurgi Camblong, CEO Sophia Genetics