• Elisabeth Lennhede

    Head of Communications

    DigiPlex Sweden Smedbyvägen 6 194 30 Upplands Väsby Sweden
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    Although voluntary, the EU Code of Conduct provides a stringent framework to help DigiPlex improve its already industry leading energy efficiency. With over 200 data points reported per site, it helps us prepare the granular data to support precise and effective improvement plans. This same data will be crucial as we approach ISO 50001 certification.
    Haakon Holm-Knapstad, Chief HR & Compliance Officer at DigiPlex
    We all need to play our part in decarbonizing Europe’s economy. As a leader, it is incumbent on DigiPlex not to rest on its laurels, but to constantly challenge itself to be better, and to inspire others to be better. The EU Code of Conduct is a significant element in our mission to always put sustainability at the core.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO at DigiPlex
    We selected DNV and Deloitte for their international reputations as stringent auditors. These certifications are an important aspect of the assurance we provide to our customers. It is important that we hold ourselves to the highest standards in all of these areas and strong audits are key to that credibility.
    Steven Moir, Compliance and Assurance Director at DigiPlex
    These certifications are a key part of the service we offer our customers. We deliberately time these audits to make it easy for customers to leverage our certifications as part of their assurance processes. Proving our continued compliance helps our customers prove their compliance in turn to their own stakeholders, customers and prospects.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO at DigiPlex
    The Infrastructure Masons Executive Leadership and Board of Directors are very impressed and proud of this year’s nominees. We congratulate and salute both Halvor and Fredrik for their continued achievements in the ever-changing global landscape in the digital infrastructure industry. We look forward to welcoming both at our ceremony in December.
    Dean Nelson, Infrastructure Masons Founder and Chairman
    It is great accolade and achievement to have two of our senior leaders shortlisted for this prestigious honor. It not only underlines the industry leadership of DigiPlex as a brand, but the huge contributions made by these two leaders constantly working to build the positive profile for the industry. On behalf of the whole company, I wish them both the best of luck at the ceremony.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO DigiPlex
    Exceptional customer service is vital at all times, and has always been central to the DigiPlex culture. The challenges of the last 18 months have only re-emphasized their importance, and we saw it as immensely vital to increase our efforts to help our customers overcome the many new challenges they faced. I am very pleased, but not surprised, that our NPS has further improved over the last year. I see the relentless effort put in by DigiPlexers every day and these results confirm the value of that work. Well done!
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO of DigiPlex
    Customer continuously evaluate and challenge their business and supplier options. Only through maintaining the highest levels of customer service, listening closely to what customers want and need, and then responding fast and flexibly, can we build the rapport and partnership with our customers, hereby maintain and strengthen our market leadership position. The annual customer satisfaction survey is eagerly awaited as a key metric to show that we are delivering this every day.
    Dan Oldham, Chief Service Delivery Officer at DigiPlex
    DigiPlex already scored highly last year. To improve this significantly in 2021, amidst all the challenges brought on by COVID, is truly remarkable. As with every company there are areas for improvement, but I don’t doubt that DigiPlex will use these findings to improve even further in 2022.
    Petter Bjerke, Head of Professional Services Norway at Netigate
    I am excited to join DigiPlex and to work with the amazing people here. Today’s fast paced, demanding marketplace requires teamwork to constantly meet customers’ evolving needs. The skills and expertise across DigiPlex customer teams are unmatched in the industry and I’m proud to add my own experience to them. Together I know we’ll continue to lead the market in delighting our customers.
    Tommy Wahledow, Operations Manager DigiPlex
    We are very pleased to welcome Tommy to the DigiPlex family. This is a vital role as we continue to build on current growth and look to our next phase of development. Our Stockholm site is growing fast and is a key element of our offer to both hyperscaler and enterprise customers. Attracting someone of Tommy’s caliber to lead operations here is both testament to the power and reputation of DigiPlex in the industry, and indicative of our ambition. I very much look forward to working with Tommy.
    Halvor Bjerke, COO DigiPlex
    Even against the backdrop of the COVID pandemic, which created many business challenges and accelerated digital demand and operational growth for DigiPlex, sustainability continues to remain core to our purpose. By moving to our facilities, more and more businesses are not only saving money but also embed sustainability at the foundation of their digital supply chain. I am proud over our continued progress and our commitment to net zero carbon by 2030.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO, DigiPlex
    Recognized as a sustainability leader in its markets, DigiPlex makes an excellent addition to the IPI portfolio as it fits squarely in our strategy of investing in exceptional digital infrastructure companies that are both sustainable and scalable. DigiPlex has demonstrated strong performance in reducing its environmental impact, caring for people within its company and community, and operating in a transparent, ethical manner. These advanced sustainability practices are clearly a competitive advantage for DigiPlex, and we are excited to further build upon them during our partnership with the company.
    Robert Hartog, Managing Director, IPI and Board Director, DigiPlex
    The Nordic region has always been an important region for Virtu and our move to be co-located in DigiPlex datacenter cements our continued commitment to the region and our local partners. DigiPlex gives us exactly what we need to address the challenges of trading on both Primary exchanges and MTFs which are geographically distant from each other.
    David Furlong, Chief Executive & Head of Trading at Virtu Financial
    We are honored to welcome Virtu to our data center and to the family of DigiPlex customers. Our aim is to help our customers meet the needs of their customers by providing the best possible digital infrastructure in the most environmentally sustainable manner. Our ultra-high-quality data centre services will enable Virtu to continue to expand its industry leading trading products and services to its customers across Europe.
    Fredrik Jansson, CCO at DigiPlex
    The DigiPlex Ulven data center in Oslo offers excellent options for connectivity which is extremely important for us. We want to be close to mobile operators as well as to the wider digital ecosystem, including connections to Microsoft Azure and AWS. DigiPlex’ efficacy and process orientation, supported by a professional team and their new Service Portal, made our move-in process easy and confirmed our selection of DigiPlex as hosting provider was right.
    Dr. Tarik Cicic, CTO at eRate
    eRate has a powerful business proposition – especially at a time when so many brands are seeking to differentiate themselves by offing value-added services to their customers. We are very pleased to offer not only the high-speed connectivity that eRate requires, but the burgeoning ecosystem of forward-thinking, innovative digital brands that can become partners and customers in the coming months.
    Fredrik Jansson, Chief Commercial Officer at DigiPlex
    PCI/DSS certifications have been in place at many of our sites for several years. Extending this level of assurance to include all our Nordic sites increases flexibility and alternatives for our customers. At DigiPlex, compliance does not end with a certificate on the wall. Our customers also regularly receive detailed compliance reports to support their own efforts to increase their customer confidence and satisfaction levels, aiding them grow their business even further.
    Fredrik Jansson, CCO at DigiPlex
    DigiPlex is a market leader in the high-growth Nordic data center sector and we have long admired the quality of its management, employees and business strategy. With DigiPlex’s existing scaled presence and deep development expertise, we will significantly expand our hyperscale-focused data center portfolio in Europe, a key region of focus for IPI. We are excited to partner with the DigiPlex team to further realize on the company’s tremendous growth potential. Utilizing our network and existing businesses, we believe we can together build a platform that meets the rapidly evolving needs of the digital economy in the Nordics and beyond.
    Matt A’Hearn, Partner at IPI
    What DigiPlex has achieved over the past 20 years is an amazing accomplishment and a testament to the incredible people who work there. It is the right time to give DigiPlex extended firepower to capitalize on its advantages and benefit from the next wave of growth in the industry. It is also crucial to me and to my partner, Bill Conway, to hand DigiPlex off to new owners who recognize and support its people, culture, experience, and customers, as well as the communities in which it operates.
    J. Byrne Murphy, founder and Chairman of DigiPlex for the last 20 years
    At a time of rapid growth for the industry, IPI provides near-term scalability to DigiPlex. New capital, as well as a global footprint and access to global supply chains, relationships and customers, are expected to supercharge our growth, enabling us to continue meeting the hyperscale demand that we are experiencing. We believe this acquisition is an acknowledgement of our strong customer relationships and proven business model, and that employees and customers alike will benefit as we accelerate our plans and expand our vision in partnership with IPI.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO of DigiPlex
    Speed to market is a critical factor for our hyperscale clients. Our campus approach to data center design and construction allows us to be very agile and respond to these requirements with fast and flexible builds. Completing a single data center in under a year is a huge achievement, announcing the openings of three in the last nine months, whilst battling the disruptions of global pandemic is extraordinary.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO of DigiPlex
    As the digitalization of economies and society continues to accelerate, our ability to secure land and create facilities complete with connectivity and power, ready to hand over to clients in just a few months is a significant competitive advantage.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO of DigiPlex
    This was an outstanding entry detailing a construction project that took eight months to complete, taking place across the pandemic period. Adjacent to an existing operational data center, the construction of this facility used less concrete and reused waste heat and rainwater.
    The Datacloud Global Awards judging panel
    We are proud that our work with DigiPlex has been recognized globally with this award. We are also very proud of the work we did at Fetsund to overcome multiple challenges and deliver a cutting-edge facility on time. We look forward to our next projects with DigiPlex.
    David Caddy Director of CTS International Ltd
    This is a great win for CTS and the Digiplex team. Designing, building and operating sustainable, secure, and scalable data centers means paying attention to every detail, it is great to see the recognition of the judges not just of the challenges that the team overcame to fulfill our on-time delivery to our customers, but also to the innovative methods and designs that we employ to put safety, quality and sustainability at the heart of everything that we do.
    Phil Coutts, Chief Development Officer at DigiPlex
    While this is not a solution necessary for every client, DigiPlex worked diligently to engineer an ultra-high security solution where the entire infrastructure is encapsulated. Our solution retains the highest standards of efficiency and reliability for which we are renowned, whilst satisfying the needs of those clients that demand Resistance Class 4 for their data.
    Fredrik Jansson, CCO, DigiPlex
    With encapsulated power and cooling feeds, each secure module offers its own layer of resilience, which can be deployed at our existing data center campuses. Having exceeded these exacting security requirements stands testament to our company’s continuous efforts to deliver innovation and excellence for all our customers.
    Fredrik Jansson, CCO, DigiPlex
    “DigiPlex demonstrate in a good manner how they execute good social governance and responsibility, by supporting the project of turning plastic waste into material for building classrooms. The project covers three main pillars, how to recycle waste, securing health due to bad waste management and the challenges related to lack of education due to insufficient numbers of classrooms. We look forward to the cooperation with DigiPlex in the years to come, and we are proud of having them as our corporate partner. Together we are securing a future for children by beating plastic pollution.
    Director for cooperate partnership Kari Von Krogh
    We are very proud to sponsor the UNICEF Plastic Brick project. Sustainability is at the core of DigiPlex’s mission, and as a leader in creating sustainable infrastructure for the digital world this important project in Abidjan adds valuable dimensions to our sustainability goals. Working with local youth and women as agents of change, we are hopeful that our support will not only economically empower women but also creating a clean environment for children to learn and play.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO of DigiPlex
    Last year we set ourselves the goal to at least maintain our status in the Great Place to Work rankings. To move up five places, against the background of the challenges of the COVID pandemic, is testament not only to the commitment of all our employees, but to the resilience of our culture. I am super proud of our people.
    Haakon Holm Knapstad, Chief HR & Compliance Officer at DigiPlex
    In my first year as CEO I have constantly seen evidence of how DigiPlexers take ownership, initiative and support each other as they collaborate to develop and deliver solutions and service to our customers. They have the can-do attitude that makes this such an exciting, empowering and rewarding place to work. I am honored that we have reached 10th place in Norway’s Best Workplaces especially in times like these.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO DigiPlex
    For DigiPlex to advance five levels up to 10th position amongst Norway’s Best Workplaces in just one year, and during a global pandemic, is impressive. Such a rapid advancement is seldom seen during the history of GPTW. It is clear that the DigiPlex team has a very special spirit of camaraderie, and this has grown even stronger despite the many challenges of this past year.
    Jannik Krohn Falck, CEO Great Place to Work
    This extensive and anonymous survey about the workplace experience has become a key part of our culture and its results eagerly anticipated across the organization. Even though most of our employees are still working from home due to the COVID pandemic, we are pleased that our score in the Great Place to Work survey remains at an industry-leading level of 80% which is extremely gratifying.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO at DigiPlex
    Despite the significant disturbance caused by the COVID pandemic, Team DigiPlex has responded to a year of dislocation and uncertainty with brilliant attitude and dedication. The ‘I got this’ culture of DigiPlex has shone through and is reflected in the findings of the Great Place to Work assessment. We have stood out in a difficult year, not only earning our third accreditation, but maintaining our culture while growing the number of employees by 25 per cent. I am proud of the way our teams have risen to this year’s challenges, and to me this speaks volumes to the quality of our culture and our people.
    Haakon Holm Knapstad, Chief HR & Compliance Officer at DigiPlex
    The DigiPlex culture focuses on responsibility, empowerment and shared success – and achieving certification three-years in a row underlines the power of this combination. DigiPlex’ employees are proud to be part of an organization recognized for its role in sustainability and making a difference and this year of all years, feeling good about the contribution you make to society is a huge plus.
    Jannik Krohn Falck, CEO Great Place to Work
    We believe that our systems should adapt to our customers, not the other way around. The flexibility and stability, as well as the understanding of our area of work, weighed heavily in the choice of colocation-provider.
    Thomas Berner, Head of Sales and Compliance at Dansk Telemedicin
    Dansk Telemedicin is a recognized name in Danish healthcare IT and we are pleased to welcome them to DigiPlex. Any organization dealing with healthcare data needs 100% confidence in the security and stability of the infrastructure they rely on. We are pleased to be able to deliver this confidence to Dansk Telemedicin.
    Fredrik Jansson, DigiPlex CCO
    As a hyper-growth company in the fast-moving digital identity market that demands exceptionally secure and complex solutions, it was imperative that we found a partner which could not only support our ambitious plans, but could match our commitment to security. With DigiPlex we are assured of the physical security protecting our servers and have a clear path to expand as our business grows.
    Philip Hallenborg, founder and CEO of ZealiD
    Security is of paramount importance to all of our customers ranging from hyperscale cloud service providers to innovative, fast-moving entrepreneurs like ZealiD. DigiPlex has, over the last 20 years, earned a strong reputation for our physical security alongside high levels of customer service. We are very pleased that ZealiD recognizes this heritage and has chosen to put its trust in us.
    Fredrik Jansson, CCO at DigiPlex
    A key consideration in the decision-making process was for me to know the precise location of our data, and with the co-location solution from DigiPlex we have reached that goal – and our data is now located in a green data centre close to our offices. The solution has proved to be a financial benefit as it has saved us the cost of an overhaul and of ensuring protection against fire, burglary or sabotage and upgrading of the electricity, cooling and ventilation system in our existing server room. On top of that, office space has been made available, enabling us to terminate expensive office leases elsewhere and move staff to the headquarters.
    Søren Roug, Head of IT and Information Systems, EEA
    We are extremely pleased that the European Environment Agency (EEA) has chosen a co-location solution from DigiPlex in Copenhagen. We share the same vision of protecting the environment, and DigiPlex only builds and operates entirely green data centres, where we utilize innovative and sustainable solutions to be able to constantly meet the growing demand for data storage. It is obvious that an increasing number of social-minded businesses consider green IT and data centre solutions where DigiPlex is an obvious partner.
    Fredrik Jansson, CCO, DigiPlex
    At a time when we have significantly grown our portfolio, Phil will play a key role in orchestrating our capabilities and capacity to deliver high quality facilities at speed.” Nesse added, “We opened two major data centers in 2020 and have another due to come online in Q2, plus we have acquired 170,000 m2 of land for new campuses near Oslo and Copenhagen – Phil will be busy from day one!
    Wiljar Nesse, DigiPlex CEO
    DigiPlex is an established leader at the intersection of digitization and environmental developments and so is uniquely well placed to meet the evolving demands of the market. We have a compelling solution to anyone seeking an environmentally friendly technology platform, both in our standard facilities and in our build to suit capabilities. I am delighted to be joining the DigiPlex family at this exciting time to help develop and deliver the sustainable digital infrastructure the global economy needs while guaranteeing the safety, sustainability, quality and on time delivery standards demanded in the modern world.
    Phil Coutts, DigiPlex CDO
    Today’s fast moving digital economy is creating huge demand for our services, from built-to-suit facilities for global hyperscalers, to flexible colocation for organizations of all sizes looking for high quality partners to help them digitalize their operations. Fredrik’s new role as CCO will cement our leadership and help us to continue to deliver innovative, effective solutions to the market.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO DigiPlex
    This is a hugely exciting time to be working at DigiPlex and in the expanding data center sector. The two biggest trends impacting our world – digitalization and sustainability – will increasingly meet in the data center. This role brings together our super-strong teams and capabilities in international and Nordic sales, hyperscale business development, marketing, communications, brand, sales operations and go to market, into a single focused commercial unit fit for today’s dynamic market. I am proud to lead this team as we take yet another leap forward.
    Fredrik Jansson, CCO DigiPlex
    We are seeing huge interest in sustainable data center development in the Nordic region and continue to invest to capitalize on this trend. The acquisition of this major plot, plus the Norwegian land acquisition we announced last month, further strengthens DigiPlex ability to rapidly meet the need for data center capacity from hyperscalers as well as local and international businesses requiring ultra-sustainable, cost effective colocation facilities. Through close collaboration with all parties we already have power agreements, access to water, and all necessary building regulation approvals in place. We are ready to start campus construction and are already in discussion with a number of potential international customers.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO of DigiPlex
    We are very happy to welcome DigiPlex to Høje-Taastrup. Their data center campus will not only bring jobs, but also add value to the municipality. DigiPlex which is an environmentally sustainable datacenter will create development and invest in our local infrastructure and ecosystem. I’m also very pleased to announce that DigiPlex has kindly agreed to contribute to water reservoirs and to upgrade local roads as well as building new cycle paths. This will benefit the whole community.
    Michael Ziegler, Mayor of Høje-Taastrup
    Data center developments such as DigiPlex’ are exactly what we aim for to bring the advantages of the digitalization to Danish economy. The high-value services will cement Denmark’s already established reputation as a perfect location for these enablers of the sustainable digital economy. We are pleased to see DigiPlex expanding its current footprint in Denmark to now also include Høje-Taastrup.
    Maria Tarp, Director, Invest in Denmark
    It was important to us that the new owner added value to the land and to the local community. In DigiPlex I know we have found the perfect owner. The company’s plans complement local development priorities, create opportunity for citizens and will deliver a highly sustainable campus and over DKK 22 million in infrastructure upgrades.
    Carl H. Petersen of the CRT companies