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    Head of Communications

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    We believe that our systems should adapt to our customers, not the other way around. The flexibility and stability, as well as the understanding of our area of work, weighed heavily in the choice of colocation-provider.
    Thomas Berner, Head of Sales and Compliance at Dansk Telemedicin
    Dansk Telemedicin is a recognized name in Danish healthcare IT and we are pleased to welcome them to DigiPlex. Any organization dealing with healthcare data needs 100% confidence in the security and stability of the infrastructure they rely on. We are pleased to be able to deliver this confidence to Dansk Telemedicin.
    Fredrik Jansson, DigiPlex CCO
    As a hyper-growth company in the fast-moving digital identity market that demands exceptionally secure and complex solutions, it was imperative that we found a partner which could not only support our ambitious plans, but could match our commitment to security. With DigiPlex we are assured of the physical security protecting our servers and have a clear path to expand as our business grows.
    Philip Hallenborg, founder and CEO of ZealiD
    Security is of paramount importance to all of our customers ranging from hyperscale cloud service providers to innovative, fast-moving entrepreneurs like ZealiD. DigiPlex has, over the last 20 years, earned a strong reputation for our physical security alongside high levels of customer service. We are very pleased that ZealiD recognizes this heritage and has chosen to put its trust in us.
    Fredrik Jansson, CCO at DigiPlex
    A key consideration in the decision-making process was for me to know the precise location of our data, and with the co-location solution from DigiPlex we have reached that goal – and our data is now located in a green data centre close to our offices. The solution has proved to be a financial benefit as it has saved us the cost of an overhaul and of ensuring protection against fire, burglary or sabotage and upgrading of the electricity, cooling and ventilation system in our existing server room. On top of that, office space has been made available, enabling us to terminate expensive office leases elsewhere and move staff to the headquarters.
    Søren Roug, Head of IT and Information Systems, EEA
    We are extremely pleased that the European Environment Agency (EEA) has chosen a co-location solution from DigiPlex in Copenhagen. We share the same vision of protecting the environment, and DigiPlex only builds and operates entirely green data centres, where we utilize innovative and sustainable solutions to be able to constantly meet the growing demand for data storage. It is obvious that an increasing number of social-minded businesses consider green IT and data centre solutions where DigiPlex is an obvious partner.
    Fredrik Jansson, CCO, DigiPlex
    At a time when we have significantly grown our portfolio, Phil will play a key role in orchestrating our capabilities and capacity to deliver high quality facilities at speed.” Nesse added, “We opened two major data centers in 2020 and have another due to come online in Q2, plus we have acquired 170,000 m2 of land for new campuses near Oslo and Copenhagen – Phil will be busy from day one!
    Wiljar Nesse, DigiPlex CEO
    DigiPlex is an established leader at the intersection of digitization and environmental developments and so is uniquely well placed to meet the evolving demands of the market. We have a compelling solution to anyone seeking an environmentally friendly technology platform, both in our standard facilities and in our build to suit capabilities. I am delighted to be joining the DigiPlex family at this exciting time to help develop and deliver the sustainable digital infrastructure the global economy needs while guaranteeing the safety, sustainability, quality and on time delivery standards demanded in the modern world.
    Phil Coutts, DigiPlex CDO
    Today’s fast moving digital economy is creating huge demand for our services, from built-to-suit facilities for global hyperscalers, to flexible colocation for organizations of all sizes looking for high quality partners to help them digitalize their operations. Fredrik’s new role as CCO will cement our leadership and help us to continue to deliver innovative, effective solutions to the market.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO DigiPlex
    This is a hugely exciting time to be working at DigiPlex and in the expanding data center sector. The two biggest trends impacting our world – digitalization and sustainability – will increasingly meet in the data center. This role brings together our super-strong teams and capabilities in international and Nordic sales, hyperscale business development, marketing, communications, brand, sales operations and go to market, into a single focused commercial unit fit for today’s dynamic market. I am proud to lead this team as we take yet another leap forward.
    Fredrik Jansson, CCO DigiPlex
    We are seeing huge interest in sustainable data center development in the Nordic region and continue to invest to capitalize on this trend. The acquisition of this major plot, plus the Norwegian land acquisition we announced last month, further strengthens DigiPlex ability to rapidly meet the need for data center capacity from hyperscalers as well as local and international businesses requiring ultra-sustainable, cost effective colocation facilities. Through close collaboration with all parties we already have power agreements, access to water, and all necessary building regulation approvals in place. We are ready to start campus construction and are already in discussion with a number of potential international customers.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO of DigiPlex
    We are very happy to welcome DigiPlex to Høje-Taastrup. Their data center campus will not only bring jobs, but also add value to the municipality. DigiPlex which is an environmentally sustainable datacenter will create development and invest in our local infrastructure and ecosystem. I’m also very pleased to announce that DigiPlex has kindly agreed to contribute to water reservoirs and to upgrade local roads as well as building new cycle paths. This will benefit the whole community.
    Michael Ziegler, Mayor of Høje-Taastrup
    Data center developments such as DigiPlex’ are exactly what we aim for to bring the advantages of the digitalization to Danish economy. The high-value services will cement Denmark’s already established reputation as a perfect location for these enablers of the sustainable digital economy. We are pleased to see DigiPlex expanding its current footprint in Denmark to now also include Høje-Taastrup.
    Maria Tarp, Director, Invest in Denmark
    It was important to us that the new owner added value to the land and to the local community. In DigiPlex I know we have found the perfect owner. The company’s plans complement local development priorities, create opportunity for citizens and will deliver a highly sustainable campus and over DKK 22 million in infrastructure upgrades.
    Carl H. Petersen of the CRT companies
    Treklyngen industrial park has a good strategic location, access to renewable energy through the agreement with Ringerikskraft and advanced solutions for circular economy. Acquiring this prime plot will help DigiPlex attract new national and international customers, including in the High Performance Computing (HPC) segment. I would like to thank both Ringerike municipality, the seller Follum Eiendom and Ringerikskraft for the warm welcome they have extended us.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO of DigiPlex
    We welcome DigiPlex to Ringerike and are proud that they have chosen to establish a new data center here. We have for several years purposefully worked to facilitate the establishment of large data centers in the municipality, and we are very pleased to see the results. We have the required infrastructure, both technically and location wise, and have collaborated to facilitate regulation, energy access and digital connection opportunities.
    Kirsten Orebråten, Mayor of Ringerike municipality
    DigiPlex is a long-term and solid player that fits into our industrial park.
    Chairman of the Follum Eiendom AS board, Olav Breivik
    There are opportunities for good synergies between data centers and other activities that are planned for the area, not least the planned biomass plant that can re-use heat from the data center and generate electricity.
    Rolf Jarle Aaberg, CEO of Follum Eiendom AS
    We are happy and proud to have signed an agreement with a player such as DigiPlex. At Ringerikskraft, we want to contribute to growth and development in the region. In the same way as electricity, we all now depend on data centers to make the wheels turn in today's digital society, and the data center industry is the world's fastest growing, energy-intensive industry.
    Ole Sunnset, CEO of Ringerikskraft
    Citizens across Europe use ever more technology to go about their daily lives and want this technology, also to help secure a sustainable future for people and planet. Today’s pledge from important parts of the data industry constitutes a promise to society and offers a welcome first step towards achieving our common ambitions for a smart and sustainable future.
    Frans Timmermans, European Commission Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal
    With cloud infrastructure the backbone of the European Union’s digital economy, our industry is committed to the idea that we must all play a central role in addressing climate change. This commitment underpins a roadmap for Europe’s cloud infrastructure industry to offer climate neutral services to customers by 2030.
    Alban Schmutz, Chairman of CISPE (Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe)
    Data centres are the supporting pillars of the fourth industrial revolution and, as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, are essential infrastructure of not only the digital economy but of the entire global economy. It is our duty to commit to a self-regulatory initiative that will help to ensure the operational availability, sustainability and the future of our industry.
    Apostolos Kakkos, Chairman of EUDCA (European Data Centre Association)
    As the Nordic leader for sustainable data centres, we have been building and operating climate smart data centres for 20 years. Sustainability is in our DNA and we are very pleased to be joining CISPE as a member and its Self Regulatory Initiative for Climate Neutral Data Centers. The initiative is well in line with DigiPlex’ own sustainability objectives and we look forward to continue to be a strong player in the efforts to make the data centre industry climate neutral.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO, DigiPlex
    Situating these advanced technical solutions and services in strategically located facilities that not only conform to stringent data protection rules, but also are powered by abundant low-cost, 100% sustainable energy helps HPE deliver on commitments to its clients as well as its sustainability agenda. I am pleased that DigiPlex is able to offer HPE this powerful combination.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO, DigiPlex
    DigiPlex provides an excellent home for AI and HPC data needs, being scalable, of high standard, and well connected to an ecosystem of potential partners. Partnering with DigiPlex gives us the confidence that we have the right high-quality, truly sustainable and secure data center to support our HPC and AI solutions for our clients.
    Anna Granö, Managing Director, HPE Sweden
    Our work has been consistently selected from tens of thousands of entries including those from global brands with massive budgets; scrutinized by the toughest marketing judges on the planet – and come through as the winner. Not just once or twice but fourteen times!
    Fredrik Jansson, Chief Strategy and Marketing Communications Officer, DigiPlex
    The secret sauce is teamwork. I am extremely proud that we capped off the year by winning “Best B2B Marketing Team” at the B2B Marketing Awards. My all-star MarCom team have combined stellar individual work with a fantastic team spirit and truly challenged conventional thinking around data centres. through pioneering marketing and communication efforts.
    Fredrik Jansson, Chief Strategy and Marketing Communications Officer, DigiPlex
    These are not just awards for Marketing, this is recognition and praise for the entire company. An acknowledgement that the work we are doing is not just important to us, but admired and applauded by our industry peers as well as by some of the largest and most successful brands in the world.
    Tracey Pewtner, Head of International Marketing
    It has been a great experience and very rewarding to contribute to DigiPlex’ speedy and successful growth. I look forward to continuing challenging myself and explore new ways to make a difference to our target audiences.
    Sara Lindholm, Head of Nordic Marketing
    As the industry develops so does our amazing Marketing team. Through data driven understanding and analysis our job is always evolving. When driven by listening, caring, and information sharing amazing things happen.
    Anna Öhr, Account Based Marketing Manager
    The need to advocate the importance of truly sustainable data center operations is more important than ever. These awards are inspiring and rewarding testaments that DigiPlex’ messaging increasingly gets recognized and appreciated.
    Elisabeth Lennhede, Head of Communications
    The United Nations has declared a ‘Decade of Action’ and Nordic governments are seeking to become carbon-neutral by 2030.
    Fredrik Jansson, Chief Strategy and Marketing Communications Officer, DigiPlex
    What and how we communicate has an important role in encouraging the industry to be aware and play its part in reducing carbon emissions – a fact recognized by the eleven awards we’ve now received for our pioneering marketing and communications efforts this year.
    Fredrik Jansson, Chief Strategy and Marketing Communications Officer, DigiPlex
    Our third survey clearly shows that digitalization is proving much harder than expected for many organizations. The competing demands of innovation, cost efficiency, security, compliance, and availability mean that meeting digitalization demands rapidly can be difficult. Doing all of this whilst moving to a lower-carbon economy is a challenge for most. DigiPlex offers the skills, facilities and experience to help its customers balance these competing demands on the digital infrastructure and deliver the digital progress they need.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO at DigiPlex
    This Nordic data centre powerhouse has impressed our panel of judges with innovative and market-disrupting strategies.
    Global Carrier Awards representative
    This ESG award is a well-earned milestone for everyone here at DigiPlex and combined with yet another award for our marketing team completes a significant ‘double’ at a ceremony watched by global leaders across the industry.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO at DigiPlex
    These are the 5th and 6th awards that we’ve won this year for our work in challenging conventional thinking around data centers through pioneering marketing and communication efforts. These top accolades further cement our reputation for thought-leadership in sustainability with current and future customers, partners and other key interest groups.
    Fredrik Jansson, Chief Strategy, Marketing and Communications Officer at DigiPlex
    In less than a month, DigiPlex has opened two new data centers in Norway. Our new center at Holtskogen will be our seventh facility in the Nordics, serving a steadily increasing demand from both our enterprise customers as well as from the largest IT companies in the world, so-called “hyperscalers”, looking to capitalize on the advantages of placing their data centers in the Nordics.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO of DigiPlex
    We welcome DigiPlex and it is very positive for our municipality that they have decided to establish themselves here. This kind of industry creates high skill jobs and growth in our region, which we value highly.
    Saxe Frøshaug, mayor of Indre Østfold municipality
    As the world continues to manage the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important not to lose focus on the climate emergency, and other global issues of inequality. Joining DigiPlex in March this year I was impressed with the progress made on so many fronts, but also committed to lead further change, increase transparency and deliver more impact across our ecosystem. Engaging with the communities that support us, developing digital skills across the workforce and increasing diversity, as well as helping our customers to minimize their own environmental footprints are key goals for me as we build on our success.
    Wiljar Nesse, DigiPlex CEO
    Sustainability is fundamental to the DigiPlex mission and values system. I have always believed that sustainable business is good business, and this is borne-out by the success of our publicly listed bonds and the levels of new business coming to us because of our leadership in this crucial area. We must always push ourselves to do better and this report is a clear statement of our intent to do so.
    Byrne Murphy, DigiPlex Founder & Chairman
    We are especially pleased that our campaigns on the topic of data center sustainability have been recognised as among the best ESG and marketing campaigns across the industry, showing that this vital message is resonating with key audiences. We will continue to put "sustainability at the core" and challenge conventional thinking around data centers to ensure this remains the case.
    Fredrik Jansson, Chief Strategy, Marketing and Communications Officer at DigiPlex
    We are seeing increased demand from both our enterprise customers who continue to move their digital infrastructure from on-premise solutions into combinations of colocation and cloud, as well as from the largest IT companies in the world, so-called “hyperscalers”, looking to capitalize on the advantages of placing their data centers in the Nordics. Both the location at Fetsund and at Holtskogen are ideal, as they have ample access to power, are well connected, have expansion possibilities and the closeness to Oslo provide low latency for our customers.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO of DigiPlex
    It is a pleasure as mayor to see that DigiPlex has chosen to invest further and expand its business in Lillestrøm municipality. It helps to confirm that Lillestrøm is an attractive place for future-oriented industries to establish themselves and that again contributes to new jobs.
    Jørgen Vik, mayor of Lillestrøm municipality
    Meeting or exceeding customer’s expectations is extremely important for a mutually valuable and long-term partnership. The high levels of satisfaction among our customers as confirmed by this survey are therefore very gratifying. With DigiPlex culture of constant improvement, we will continue sharpening our customer offering to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty even further.
    Wiljar Nesse, CEO, DigiPlex
    Netigate conducts thousands of NPS projects every year and we found it very interesting to engage with DigiPlex to create this unique study of the Nordic data center market. Netigate collected data from both DigiPlex customers and a customized NPS benchmark consisting of data from 300 IT-decision makers in the Nordic countries. Upon extensive analysis we could identify a remarkable level of satisfaction among DigiPlex customers compared to the Nordic data center industry.
    Christine Ønvik Nerhagen, Head of Professional Services Norway at Netigate
    Our customers have been extremely committed in working with us to mitigate any potential operational risks during this pandemic. Maintaining transparent and timely communication with clients is always important, especially in times of crisis and it is clear that they welcomed our rapid and comprehensive communication around our COVID-19 response.
    Fredrik Jansson, Chief Strategy, Marketing and Communications Officer, DigiPlex
    Every time someone streams a video, sends a text, or joins a video conference call, a data center somewhere in the world consumes power. While it seems that most Americans are unaware of this link, they care about their individual impact on the environment and would be willing to take action by choosing services that help to lower it. Large data producers should take note.
    Byrne Murphy, Chairman of DigiPlex
    We live in a digital world that is becoming even more so with COVID-19. As demand grows, so will the pressure to store data in energy-conscious facilities. That’s why more large data producers are looking to Nordic-based data centers for 100% low-cost renewable electricity, natural cooling, and scalability.
    Byrne Murphy, Chairman of DigiPlex
    In the past few years we have rapidly transformed our business to meet the evolving needs of hyperscalers looking to come to the Nordic region, as well as cloud-first local and international businesses looking for well connected, secure and sustainable data center solutions. This report confirms that DigiPlex ability to continuously meet and exceeded customer expectations is appreciated also by the wider market. We are proud to be recognized by ISG as ‘Leader’ in this high-growth market.
    DigiPlex CEO, Wiljar Nesse
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