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    Our customers’ evolving Cloud strategies are calling for ever faster, more secure and hassle-free access to the widest possible range of leading Cloud providers such as Microsoft, AWS, Google, Alibaba and others. Through our partnership with Megaport, we are significantly expanding the routes to Cloud that we offer. We have unlocked opportunities for our customers to enable new strategies, including multi-cloud and hybrid cloud, and they can enjoy best of breed solutions and rapid deployment for maximum impact, flexible provisioning, and overall simplified Cloud management.
    DigiPlex CEO Gisle M. Eckhoff
    Like DigiPlex, we are committed to delivering best-in-class and flexible solutions. Our on-demand cloud connectivity solutions enable optimal network strategies while reducing complexity and deployment times. Megaport Cloud Router enables cloud-to-cloud connections that support high performance multi-cloud solutions. This exciting partnership with DigiPlex enables Megaport to support the increasing adoption of cloud services in the Nordics and provides our customers additional data centre optionality.
    Peter Hase, CCO, Megaport
    The data centre industry is an exciting industry to be in as it is not an exaggeration to say our modern lives depend on the proper functioning of data centres. I am very proud to be part of a world class team and a world class provider of data centre services.
    Susan Liow, DigiPlex CFO
    Congratulations and thank you to Susan on this achievement and for her contribution to our success at DigiPlex. As the leading Nordic data centre operator, we are committed to creating a dynamic working culture and supporting a high-performing team that delivers service excellence. It is particularly exciting to see that members of our DigiPlex team are being recognised for their stewardship in the industry.
    DigiPlex Chairman and Co-founder Byrne Murphy
    By using excess energy from our data centres to heat local homes, we can help support cities to become carbon neutral. DigiPlex is committed to building and maintaining a sustainable data economy and delivering creative, high-performance solutions that benefit our communities and reduce energy demand.
    Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex
    We are proud of our achievements in transforming data centre industry practices to support the prosperity of our shared future. Our team is committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainable thinking, whether through environmentally-efficient design in our new-builds or upgrading our existing data centre infrastructure.
    Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex
    A winning combination of local knowledge and world-class engineering expertise have together helped us build a compelling proposition to hyperscale clients looking for an innovative and trusted partner in the Nordic region.
    Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex
    One component of DigiPlex's success is to work very close to the market and from each customer's specific needs. Now we are taking the next step to meet customers in Denmark with full force. We have an explicit growth target and we work actively to establish additional data centers in Denmark.
    Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex
    We are very pleased to have succeeded in recruiting these strong employees. We are now even more offensive in the market and offer more customers leading data centre solutions in innovation, sustainability and security in the Nordic region. It is also strong testimony that we are an attractive employer,” says Gisle M. Eckhoff. DigiPlex has always set the goal of being the most attractive brand in data centers, not only with our customers but also with our employees and potential employees. We are also the Nordic region’s leading brand and certified A Great Place To Work®.
    Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex
    The strong investor interest is evidence of DigiPlex’s excellent track record and the exponential growth of the Group’s presence in the Nordics as well as its strong brand name in the industry built over 18 years of operations. We see an incredible growth potential in the Nordic region with the influx of international hyperscalers, and with this new bond, DigiPlex is gearing up to take yet another leap to capture these exciting market opportunities.
    Byrne Murphy, Co-owner and Chairman of DigiPlex
    The bond issue saw a very broad appeal across the investor community and is among the largest NOK denominated high yield bond issues ever placed in the Nordic market. The well attended roadshow, strong reception and substantially oversubscribed book of this DigiPlex bond issue is the result of a solid company and issuer track record, high customer retention, very strong market presence in the Nordics, a high-quality management team coupled with reputable sponsors backing the company and a well-timed transaction hitting a very receptive market sentiment.
    Henning Sørlie, Director, High Yield Origination at DNB Markets
    The market reaction to the offering was extremely positive with existing bondholders eager to not just roll over their existing positions but also to increase their subscriptions and new large local and international accounts coming in. The very low liquidity in the last two bond issues expresses the Group’s ability to deliver strong results and best-in-class services year after year - no one has wanted to sell their holdings.
    Byrne Murphy, Co-owner and Chairman of DigiPlex
    The cool Nordic Region is Europe’s hottest data centre market: a firm deploying 100 megawatts over 20 years could save approximately $2 billion by placing their data centre in Sweden or Norway versus the U.K. This bond issue further strengthens our ability to enable hyperscalers to quickly and seamlessly enter the Nordic market through a single data centre provider with an excellent track record.
    Byrne Murphy, Co-owner and Chairman of DigiPlex
    At DigiPlex we are proud of our achievements in transforming data centre industry practices to support the prosperity of our shared future. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainable thinking, whether through environmentally-efficient design in new-builds or upgrading our existing infrastructure.
    Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex
    Leading innovative and renewable energy practices are at the core of our business ethos. Looking ahead, we are excited about expanding that choice further, so that more businesses can adopt an approach that sustains the environment.
    Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex
    To be a successful digital player you need to know where and how your data is stored, in order to control your assets, comply with legislation and protect your brand. We are seeing increased concern over the digital environmental footprint, as well as physical protection as part of GDPR compliance and connected to risks like extreme weather or cyberattacks. These are only two of multiple key data centre factors businesses need to take into account.
    Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO DigiPlex
    Data centres are a growing business concern and the process of preparing the five questions has given me new insights into the important role of the data centre in digital transformation. Most importantly among these are, the issue of energy efficiency, how data centre service providers address power consumption, and the growing role of latency in digital. Location of data centres is on the agenda in the data driven economy
    Jan Horsager, Research Director IDC Nordic
    The strength of the partnership between IT-Total and DigiPlex is totally central to our operating solutions. Our customers demand the very highest security as well as a focus on sustainability at the forefront of every solution. We are able to deliver this thanks to our partners at DigiPlex, who offer us the most physically secure data centre solution with a complete commitment to sustainability.
    Fredrik Franzén, CEO of IT-Total
    The success of our collaboration with IT-Total is based on trust and a deep understanding of the end-user’s need for best-in-class assurances on security, continuity and scalability, IT-Total answers the needs of some of Sweden's most advanced and demanding customers, which is where our continuous innovation and development pay off.
    Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex
    In our view, a healthy and successful data centre industry is a sustainable one, and at DigiPlex our talented team is pioneering a range of progressive and innovative solutions which are at the forefront of developments in the sector.
    Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex
    To be recognised for our work in technological and energy-efficient solutions is a testament of our commitment to ultra-efficient and green technologies, and dynamic client and community-centred approach.
    Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex
    DigiPlex is continuously developing strong relationships with businesses, carriers, internet exchanges and cloud providers, through our commitment to delivering the most efficient, sustainable and secure data centres possible.
    DigiPlex CEO Gisle M. Eckhoff
    Our Nordic Connect Platform enables our customers to tap into this ecosystem to expand their operations in the Nordics, reach the Edge, and use faster and secure routes to the Cloud – all with fewer layers of complexity and cost.
    DigiPlex CEO Gisle M. Eckhoff
    The CIR awards are in their 21st year, just a few years older than DigiPlex, and have a great legacy recognising some of the most exciting and creative solutions that ensure a resilient, sustainable future for business. We are pleased to be shortlisted by their expert panel of judges for our work to advance solutions that not only offer sustainable strategies but also allow companies to contribute to their communities as a positive force.
    Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex
    We operate systems for large customers where stability and security are critical factors, and we therefore have a dual-site policy. DigiPlex is the industry leader in housing business-critical data, and their dual-site solution makes them the natural choice to provide our customers with the quality they require
    Jarl Øverby, CEO of NetNordic
    We are proud to welcome NetNordic and look forward to supporting their continued growth. More and more businesses define stable, secure and environmentally friendly data centre solutions as business critical and customers with such high demands fit perfectly in DigiPlex’ data centres
    Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex
    The companies turning to DigiPlex want the Nordic region’s most sustainable, energy efficient and secure colocation. At our data centre outside Stockholm, we now offer a dedicated server hall with the same high quality for customers with smaller storage needs. Data centres are at the core of all digitalization and companies that place their servers with us can assure their customers and users that their data centre solution is future proof.
    DigiPlex CEO Gisle M. Eckhoff
    DataCom is in an expansive growth phase due to a large influx of new customers into our hosting business. To meet the growing demand from our customers for communication and hosting services, it was therefore natural to choose DigiPlex as our partner to complement our own data centres.
    Mario Hellqvist, CEO DataCom AB
    In our new hall, we can deliver a secure, safe and climate-smart IT environment within 1–2 days for customers with smaller demands. I very much look forward to welcoming more customers to DigiPlex outside Stockholm and supporting them in their growth.
    Per Lähdet, Operations Manager of DigiPlex Sweden
    DigiPlex has always set itself the goal of owning the most attractive brand in data centres, not only among our customers but with our staff and prospective employees as well. Our people are crucial to our ongoing success and leadership in a highly competitive global market. It’s particularly gratifying to see how highly our staff rank their pride in working at DigiPlex. We are thrilled that our vision of the most innovative, sustainable and secure data centres is something to which our whole company is so eager to contribute.
    DigiPlex CEO Gisle M. Eckhoff
    We are very excited to welcome DigiPlex to be certified as a ‘Great Place to Work’. Throughout our investigation, it was made clear to us how much DigiPlex values its staff, and how trust and empowerment at all levels has helped the entire business feel proud of their contribution to the company’s vision. These are some of the most important qualities we know help make a company a great place to work.
    Jannik Krohn Falck, CEO Great Place To Work
    We often describe how innovation and relentless self-improvement sit at the core of our business DNA. The best way, we feel, to stay true to this is by offering our amazing staff an exciting and generous work environment in which they can thrive. Achieving certification is a proud moment for the company and supports our plans for future business growth and continuous investment in our people’s development.
    Haakon Holm-Knapstad, Chief HR Officer at DigiPlex
    As sustainability is a corner stone of DigiPlex’s business strategy, we are immensely proud to award Renova Group the Sustainability Project of the Year for its innovative customer portal solution, which adds both to environmental sustainability and increased financial value through the generous sharing of information and visualized knowledge.
    Fredrik Jansson, Chief Strategy & Marketing/Communications Officer at DigiPlex
    Sustainability is extremely important to DigiPlex, to our customers and their customers in turn. We also invest heavily in innovation and are always looking for new ways to further improve our operations. For example, we gather the rainwater from the roofs of our facilities to reuse in our very efficient cooling solutions. In Sweden, our latest multiple award-winning project is a cooperation with Stockholm Exergi where we will reuse the excess heat from our data centre to heat up 10 000 apartments in the local area.
    Fredrik Jansson, Chief Strategy & Marketing/Communications Officer at DigiPlex
    “The entire team at DigiPlex is thrilled to have our work recognised on the international stage, and against competition as strong as that we saw at the Energy Awards in London” “The data centre operates at the heart of the digital revolution, and applying the highest standards of innovative energy management is integral to our operations and future. As part of this effort, we strongly recognise our responsibility to turn our innovation to the benefit of our communities and reduce energy demand wherever we can.”
    Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex
    “The winner, DigiPlex, showed an innovative set of technologies that will pay real dividends.”
    The Energy Awards Judging Panel 2018
    Our clients pose high demands on security, stability, sustainability and speed. When KPMG chose to go ahead with the Azure Stack technology, and chose us as their supplier, we together determined that DigiPlex would be the ideal data centre partner. As an added benefit to the agreement, our other clients will now also have access one of Norway’s top data centres, provided by DigiPlex at Rosenholm.
    Lars Vaagen Solbakken, CEO at Candidator Norway
    To retain our position as the best in our market, we are committed to choosing the best suppliers to support us digitally. When we chose Candidator to deliver our new Azure Stack solution, we had the additional requirement that our systems were to be serviced in a safe and sustainable data centre. Working closely with Candidator it became readily apparent that DigiPlex was the partner of choice.
    Dag Kjetil Jørgensen CIO at KPMG
    We are looking forward to welcoming Candidator and KPMG, companies known for their high standards and commitment to excellence, to our Rosenholm data centre. DigiPlex has invested continually to make our data centres into the most secure, most stable and most sustainable in the market. Today’s announcement is a welcome indication that we have been successful.
    DigiPlex CEO Gisle M. Eckhoff
    Fredrik has been instrumental in helping us communicate the strategic advantages of our cool, clean and efficient data centers for an increasingly cost, power and carbon-conscious world. This latest endorsement reflects strongly on the strategy Fredrik has implemented and the work of his whole team, of whom we are all extremely proud.
    Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex
    I am honoured be a finalist for the prestigious Drum B2B Marketer of the Year Award and extremely proud that our marketing and communications efforts are being recognised at the international level. My all-star team at DigiPlex and I will continue to present a strong voice for a green and energy-efficient future and challenge conventional thinking around data centres through our marketing and communication efforts.
    Fredrik Jansson, Chief Strategy and Marketing & Communications Officer at DigiPlex
    The incredible pace of digitization, and the accompanying rise in international demand for better, faster and greener data solutions has significantly changed the ‘math’ at C- level when it comes to data centers. When I founded DigiPlex, I wanted it to become first name in data centers. Not just in the most attractive and active market, but across the world. I’m delighted to see more people than ever getting the message.
    Byrne Murphy, co-owner and Chairman of DigiPlex, based in Washington, D.C.
    We want more business leaders to realize what some hyperscalers already have – that innovative data centers in the Nordic region are presenting incredible long-term strategic advantages. Building our Nordic brand is an essential part of our growth strategy, and it also reflects what we feel is a crucial next step for the whole industry. Winning the argument for innovation and attention for data centers at the C-level shows the growing appetite for solutions like ours, and for dedicated partners that offer responsible, efficient and green solutions designed for the long-term.
    Fredrik Jansson, Chief Strategy and Marketing & Communication Officer at DigiPlex
    The incredible pace of digitization, and the accompanying rise in international demand for better, faster and greener data solutions has significantly changed the measures of success for data centres. Our strategy as a dedicated provider has been to be the first name in data centres in the most attractive and active market for development in the world. We are pleased to see our efforts recognised at C-level.
    Gisle M. Eckhoff, DigiPlex CEO
    Innovation is at the core of DigiPlex’s company culture, and I am immensely proud over our dedicated colleagues and their innovative ways of thinking and efficient marketing- and communication initiatives. Building a strong Nordic brand is an essential part of our growth strategy, and we see that the results in terms of brand awareness in the industry clearly reflect that. But it is extra visible in our sales channel where we see a direct link to the inflow of new clients.
    Fredrik Jansson, Chief Strategy and Marketing & Communication Officer at DigiPlex
    DigiPlex has made an unusually speedy repositioning journey the past few years. From being relatively unknown to becoming the most recognized data centre brand among Nordic C-level decision makers. The explanation is most likely their intense and innovative marketing- and communication efforts that clearly support a great business idea.
    Dario Nazemson, Business Unit Manager, IDG
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