Invitation: EU Tire Label - One Year On

Over the past 12 months, millions of tires across Europe have been tested and equipped with the new EU Tire Label.

The EU Tire Label is an initiative by the European Union to provide clear and relevant information to consumers about safety and environmental performance criteria and the benefits delivered by today’s tires..

The key question is – what has the label achieved?

To answer this, Goodyear Dunlop has invited a panel of experts to participate in a roundtable discussion, including:

●  A Member of the European Parliament;

●  A representative of an independent testing and certification organization;

●  A member of the FIA;

●  A member of the electrical goods manufacturing industry, whose sector had been influenced by a label of their own;

●  Representation of the retailers at European level.

This panel will debate the progress and look at the achievements of the EU Tire Label as it approaches the first anniversary of its inception and advise on the best way for the label to continue to evolve.

There will be a live broadcast demonstrating performance tests around the Tire Label from one of Europe's elite testing facilities.

To be a part of the online audience, we invite you to join us by logging on to a dedicated website to watch the event as it happens and submit any questions you may have for the panel via email.

More details will follow. with your intentions.


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