Life Line Screening Reviews, Its Ingredients and Results After 3 Months of Use

A healthy lifestyle is important for all adults over 50, which is why Life Line Screening offers services for several medical conditions and concerns. Screenings are available for heart, liver, kidney, bone, and joint health, as well as cancer, stroke, and diabetes risk, among others.

Early identification of risk factors can be extremely beneficial. This can even be the primary barrier between life and death. Life Line Screening provides preventive screenings that can provide peace of mind or early detection so you can work with your health care provider. LifeLine Screening also offers in-home Lab home test kits.

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Life Line Screening Preventive Health Process

1 – First, you book an appointment on their website. From there, you’ll receive detailed instructions about where and when to check in for your screening. Additionally, Life Line Screening will provide details of how you can prepare for your appointment.

2 – Upon arrival, you are welcomed at registration, where you fill out a quick health questionnaire. The more organized among us can fill these forms out before arrival. Once that information is completed, a Life Line Screening tech will bring you to a private screening area to perform your tests.

3 – Each screening is conducted in just a few minutes. Best of all is that you can stay clothed and relaxed the whole time.

4 – Some of your test results may be available at the screening. While the rest of your results — which may require a board-certified physician’s review — are mailed to your home within around 14 days. These results will include more detailed findings that your can share with your personal physician.

Life Line Screening uses state-of-the-art technology to perform quick, easy, and pain-free medical screenings using three different methods.

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Life Line Screening Testing Methods

1. Ultrasound

Many people will be aware of how ultrasounds are used during pregnancy. But of course, it works well for a wide range of health checks. Patients lie down as a technician uses a transducer (it’s like a wand) with some gel. From here, sound waves are sent out and bounce back to form an image.

An ultrasound is an excellent option because it’s not an x-ray, it’s pain-free, and it doesn’t require you to remove any clothes.

2. Finger-stick Blood Test

Finger-stick blood tests are performed with a lancet that contains a small needle. They poke a small hole in the finger to draw the blood needed for the study. While lancets do have a needle, it’s just a small prick and far less painful or scary than larger needles.

3. Limited EKG

EKGs (electrocardiograms) are painless tests that measure the heart’s electrical activity. Life Line Screening uses an EKG designed to identify atrial fibrillation. Electrodes, which are small patches, are placed on the skin so that a computer can graph the rhythm of your heart.

It’s a straightforward process that beats the invasive alternative of hanging around a crowded hospital.

Now that we’ve looked at Life Line Screenings testing methods, we’ll take a more detailed look at the various screenings they provide below.

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Life Line Screening Pros and Cons

Before planning to take any service from an organization or a service provider, we believe it is always wise to know as much as possible about the organization. This is why in this segment of the Life Line Screening review, we will be looking at some of the pros of the Life Line Screening service and the cons of using the service.

Below are some of the pros and cons of the Life Line Screening preventive service:

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  • Book appointments online
  • No hassle
  • Clear instructions
  • Accurate results
  • Experienced health care service provider
  • Screenings are easy, painless and non-invasive


  • Spots fill up quickly, so you have to book your appointment early
  • Insurance generally does not cover the cost as these are preventive health screenings

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Life Line Screening FAQs

Is Life line Screening A Legitimate Company?

Yes, really. Life Line Screening is a reputable organization that conducts health screenings in the neighborhood. Life Line Screenings may help you understand the risk factors for certain diseases, but it is not a substitute for seeing a doctor.

Where Can I Find Life Line Screening Near Me?

Throughout the year, Life Line Screening visits over 100 cities across the United States. You could use the website's screening feature to input your ZIP code and locate the one closest to you. To find out Life Line screening locations and dates, you could visit their website.

Life Line Screening Scam Alert:

The Better Business Bureau has given Life Line Screening an "A+" grade. The BBB has accredited the firm since October 1996, and customers have given it a 2.5 out of 5-star rating. Unwanted ads by mail or telemarketing are a common concern.

How accurate is Life Line Screening?

Life Line Screening is very accurate. It uses state-of-the-art medical technology and most results are reviewed by a board-certified physician before being shared with the customer.

Is Life Line Screening a good idea?

Yes, Life Line Screening is a good idea.

Is Life Line Screening credible?

Yes, Life Line Screening is credible.

Is Life Line Screening a legitimate business?

Yes, Life Line Screening is a legitimate business; it was established back in 1993.

Is Life Line Screening covered by insurance?

Services provided by Life Line Screenings are generally not covered by insurance because they are preventive services.

How long does it take to get results from Life Line Screening?

When you go for screening to the Life Line Screening service, experienced technicians will conduct your tests. Most appointments are 60-90 minutes and you will receive your results within 21 days. The reports are easy to read and meant to be shared with your health care provider.

Is this a Life Line Screening Scam Alert?

This is a review of the preventive health care service provider called Life Line Screening. In this article, you will find all you need to know about the organization. This can work as a scam alert as we have discussed that you might fall victim to scams if you do not take service directly from Life Line Screenings’ website or phone number. Only use the website and the provided contact number to book your appointments on Life Line Screening.

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Life Line My final thoughts.

These types of screenings are simply a sign of the times.  You will be offered more screening tests, blood work, and options that are not recommended by your doctor but by others. These will be marketed like other goods and service we buy whether televisions or coffee. The only problem with these particular tests at this time is that there is no scientific proof or evidence that these save lives especially in patients who have no symptoms.

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