Eleda Group acquires Salboheds Bygg & Anläggningstjänst

Eleda Group has acquired all the shares in Salboheds Bygg & Anläggningstjänst AB, which performs traditional civil engineering works in Västerås and the surrounding area. The company, which have about 50 employees and annual sales of approximately SEK 400 million, combines civil engineering works within logistics and data with a stable order intake from public assignments. The company will form a fourth regional company within Eleda Group alongside Akeab, KEWAB and Mark & Energibyggarna. The company’s current Managing Director, Dennis Peters, continues in his current role onwards, and will become partner of Eleda Group. The company's two former owners, Peter Johansson and Tom Andersson, will also become partners of Eleda Group.

”Salboheds Bygg & Anläggningstjänst is a civil engineering company that manages projects within the growing special area of civil engineering works for large logistic properties and data centers, where the company has leading experiences and skills. This in combination with more repetitive minor assignments. The acquisition also includes a newly started measurement technology company as well as a recently acquired blasting service company. Through a strong but controlled growth and efficient contracts, the company has managed to generate a, for the industry, very high profitability over time. Salboheds Bygg & Anläggningstjänst will, as a fourth regional company, give us a strong and strategic position in Mälardalen as well as contribute to increasing our growth rate and earnings level”, says Johan Halvardsson, CEO Eleda Group.

Salboheds Bygg & Anläggningstjänst AB performs traditional civil engineering works and has a variety of recurring customers in the public sector as well as private clients. The company has annual sales of approximately SEK 400 million and employs about 50 permanent employees and 30 subcontractors. The company, which is based in Västerås, has established a locally leading market position with a unique total offering, including its own machinery park. Among the recurring customers are Västerås City and Mälarenergi. 

“In recent years, our business has developed very positively, both in terms of sales and earnings, and at the same time our service offering has been refined. Becoming a part of the expansionary Eleda Group and to further strengthen the Group’s geographical offering, we believe will have a significant potential for both our company and the Group as a whole”, says Dennis Peters, Managing Director of Salboheds Bygg & Anläggningstjänst AB.

The business is consolidated as of July 1 and means that Eleda Group, which has carried out seven acquisitions in the past two years, has annual sales of approximately SEK 3 billion.

For more information, please contact:
Johan Halvardsson, CEO Eleda Group
johan.halvardsson@eleda.se, mobile +46 (0)70 545 95 01
Tobias Andersson, Head of M&A and Business Development Eleda Group

tobias.andersson@eleda.se, mobile +46 (0)72 230 87 10

About Eleda
Eleda Group is an expansive group focusing on civil engineering, contract and other services in infrastructure. The Group operates via regional companies across southern and western Sweden, currently Akeab, KEWAB and Mark & Energibyggarna, all of which have similar business models and operational focus. Eleda Group’s corporate culture is marked by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and the companies work independently in complementary geographical areas with the goal of being a leading player in their respective regional markets. Eleda Group, which has its headquarters in Stockholm, has around 800 employees and sales of approximately SEK 2.5 billion in 2018. Eleda Group is owned by Triton and a broad group of key individuals in the Group.



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