Ellevio’s Annual and Sustainability Report 2018

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Ellevio AB (publ) has today published its Annual Report for 2018 on the website. The document includes Ellevio's Sustainability Report and Corporate Governance Report.

The Annual Report 2018 is available in Swedish and English on Ellevio’s website under financial reports and documents - https://www.ellevio.se/en/English/about-us/financial-information/financial-reports-documents/.

The fiscal year covers the period January 1 to December 31, 2018.

For further information

Maria, Bang, Head of Financial and Sustainability Communication,
+ 46 708 94 60 83, maria.bang@ellevio.se

Anna-Karin Käck, Head of Finance,
+46 703 44 51 57, anna-karin.kack@ellevio.se

About Ellevio

Ellevio AB (publ) is one of Sweden’s largest distribution network operators. Ellevio invest in, develop and maintain the company’s power grids in order to ensure a reliable electricity supply to the 957,000 customers. Our customers are spread across Mid-Sweden, the West Coast and the Stockholm area. By investing in a long-term sustainable power grid Ellevio works to improve the quality of life for its customers as well as to enable the ongoing energy transformation and the continued digitization of the society. Ellevio, which has its head office in Stockholm, is owned by the Third National Pension fund, Folksam, the First National Pension fund and OMERS Infrastructure. Learn more about our company on ellevio.se/en/English