Everysport Media Group launches new premium service at Hockeysverige.se

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Today Everysport Media Group AB (publ.) (ESMG) launches a new premium service for hockey fans. Hockeysverige Plus is the official name of the service going live today at www.hockeysverige.se. –Hockeysverige Plus will be the first of many premium journalism sports services that we plan to launch during the fall. The service enables us to further invest in quality journalism in hockey, where visitors can now get even more content for the sport they love, says ESMG's Head of Media Max Andersson.

Hockeysverige.se is currently Sweden's largest hockey news site, and with this release comes a number of new synonymous features being launched on the site. The new premium service accommodates both a broader and deeper coverage of Swedish and international hockey.

A number of ESMG sports sites already have premium services, including Eliteprospects and Innebandymagazinet. With the successful launches from these aforementioned sites, more will soon arrive.

- We have built up strong brands around sports media both in Sweden and internationally. In parallel, we have seen a clear trend in both increased demand and willingness to pay for deeper coverage. That's why we are now investing heavily in premium services that focus on our visitors' greatest passions, says Max Andersson.

Hockeysverige.se, together with the sister site Fotbolldirekt.se, recently got a new look when the site was relaunched via ESMG's new media platform Everysport Media Platform (EMP), which is a new technical platform specialized for sports media. During the year, the Swedish media group has made major investments in the platform. These contribute to an adapted consumption of sports content in both text and video formats, enables a logged-in location to create personalized experiences and through subscription services get access to premium content.

Hockeysverige Plus costs 49 SEK / month and gives the user access to all content on the site.

Any questions answered by:

Max Andersson, Head of Media, Everysport Media Group AB,

+46 70 204 84 58


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