Exel Composites joins Cleantech Finland -network

Exel Composites joins Cleantech Finland -network

Exel Composites has joined Cleantech Finland, an organization promoting clean technology. Exel Composites’ membership supports the company’s target to develop lighter, more durable and energy efficient and thus more environmentally friendly products and solutions.

Cleantech Finland is a network of top cleantech companies and experts that brings the world’s best cleantech solutions and expertise to companies and public-sector organizations that have environmental or energy-efficiency problems that need solving.

Composites decrease harmful environmental effects
Composite solutions that replace traditional materials decrease harmful environmental effects both directly and through value chain. The light weight and durability of composite products generate energy savings and diminished emissions e.g. in the transportation industry. Components delivered to water plants improve processes related to waste water treatment.

Development driven by sustainability and life-cycle thinking
“Sustainability and life-cycle thinking play a major role in the development of more environmentally friendly production methods. They also help our customers obtain more ecological solutions with our products. Cleantech Finland’s targets are in line with our strategy”, says Mr. Kari Loukola, Exel Composites’ SVP of Sales and Marketing.

”We develop energy efficient solutions in close co-operation with for example building and transportation industries. Composite window and door profiles’ excellent thermal insulation properties generate energy savings”, says Mr. Mikko Lassila, Exel Composites’ Sales Development Manager. ”Composites are gaining ground in the automotive industry via cost savings as vehicles use less fuel thanks to lower weight. Corrosion resistance means less maintenance and less damage due to harsh weather conditions, which translates into longer life-cycle.”

”We are pleased to welcome Exel Composite to Cleantech Finland -network. Exel Composites represents excellent Finnish cleantech know-how. Also, it is involved in several cleantech value networks. Exel’s membership strengthens the network’s unique expertise”, says Cleantech Finland’s Client Relations Manager Petri Lintumäki.

Exel Composites on Cleantech Finland’s website:

For further information please contact:
Mr. Mikko Lassila, Sales Development Manager, Exel Composites Plc, tel. +358 50 379 7720, or email mikko.lassila@exelcomposites.com
Mr. Kari Loukola, SVP Sales & Marketing, Exel Composites Plc, tel. +358 40 50 40 755, or email kari.loukola@exelcomposites.com                                  


Exel Composites in brief
Exel Composites (www.exelcomposites.com) is a leading composite technology company that designs, manufactures and markets composite products and solutions for demanding applications. Exel Composites provides superior customer experience through continuous innovation, world-class operations and long-term partnerships. In 2014 Exel Composites had net sales of MEUR 79 and a personnel of 450. 

About Us

Exel Composites is the world’s leading composite technology company that engineers and manufactures composite products and solutions to an extensive range of demanding industrial applications. The core of the business is based on the employees’ high level of expertise and own, internally developed composite technologies, which have been perfected over decades with a steady focus on innovation. With nine manufacturing plants across Europe, Asia, and North America, and a global sales network, Exel Composites is firmly driven by superior customer experience and world-class operations. Headquartered in Finland, Exel Composites employs approximately 650 people globally. The company’s shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki exchange. www.exelcomposites.com


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