Finnair Cargo: Air Cargo Europe 2019

We launched a 360° virtual showroom for our Cool Cargo Terminal at Air Cargo Europe 2019. And now, you can try it on your own device. Go here for a behind-the-scenes look at our modern terminal and see how we use IoT tracking, full-scale automation and more to reshape the world of cargo.

See our Cool Cargo Terminal in 360°

Energy consumption

“Everything related to energy consumption has been important to me for a very long time.
My current job offers a tremendous chance to influence. In air transport, every kilo onboard is significant. We can reduce the weight of an aircraft in a number of ways. We can plan flight routes very precisely. We can explore certain operative procedures, such as one engine taxi out. We can also pay even closer attention to the technical condition of the aircraft. All these affect fuel efficiency, which also leads to lower CO2 emissions,” says Fuel Efficiency Manager Hanna. 

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Cabin experience

“There are many small things that we can do for the environment in the cabin. It is also important to me that we fly on airplanes that consume less fuel,” says flight attendant Johanna. 

In the cabin, we recycle aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles when returning to Helsinki. 

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CNA interview with Finnair's CEO Topi Manner

Channel News Asia's interview with Finnair's CEO Topi Manner on 30th of May, 2019.

CNBC Squawk Box interview with Finnair's CEO Topi Manner

CNBC Squawk Box interview with Finnair's CEO Topi Manner on 30th of May, 2019.

Finnish Air Force's Hawks escorting Leijonat on their Finnair flight returning to Finland

The World Champions and Gold Medalists Leijonat arrived back home on Finnair flight AY7512 from Bratislava on 27th of May 2019. The flight was escorted by Finnish Air Force's Hawks! Video: Finnish Air Force

Small things matter: hankintaketju

Lennoillamme tarjoiltava vesi tulee Finn Springiltä, joka on suomalainen perheyritys. Edellytämme, että palveluiden ja tuotteiden toimittajat noudattavat samoja eettisiä säädöksiä, joita itsekin toiminnassamme noudatamme. Lue lisää

Small things matter: biopolttoaine

Tiesitkö, että biopolttoaine vähentää lennon CO2-päästöjä 60-80%? Finnairin lennoille biopolttoaine tankataan kohteestamme San Franciscosta. Lue lisää osoitteesta

Small things matter: yhdenvertaisuus

Finnair allekirjoitti ensimmäisenä suomalaisena yrityksenä YK:n Women’s empowerment principlesin. Lue lisää miten tasa-arvo ja yhdenvertaisuus näkyvät Finnairin toiminnassa osoitteesta

Small things matter: biofuel

All change requires persistent work. This is why we are working in a number of ways to reduce the environmental impacts of air travel. Biofuel can reduce the CO2 emissions of a flight by 60–80%. The biofuel for Finnair flights is sourced from SkyNRG in California. This way, we want to advance a wider use of biofuels. Read more:

Small things matter: supply chain

Our water comes from a Finnish family company called Finn Spring. We require that our suppliers comply with ethical standards essentially similar to those that concern our own operations. Read more:

Small things matter: Accessibility

People are different. We want to offer accessible services for everyone. We're working together with numerous partners, like The Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities, and we are the key partner of the Finnish Paralympic Committee. Read more:

Small things matter: equality

As the first Finnish company, Finnair signed the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles, which give guidance on the empowerment of women in the workplace, marketplace and community.) Equality is the foundation for all work and operations at Finnair. Read more:

Small things matter: weight

Weight is one of the considerations for choosing items to include in our aircraft – for everything from seats to tableware. By making the right choices, passengers can cut emissions by up to 30%. Here’s how to be an eco-smart traveller: choose an airline with modern aircraft, take direct routes, leave unnecessary luggage at home, use public transportation for connecting to the airports. Read more:

Ensi kertaa Atlantin yli

Amerikkalaiset laskeutuivat kuuhun kesällä 1969. Saman vuoden keväänä Finnair teki oman uuden aluevaltauksensa, valtavan loikan Atlantin yli kohti New Yorkia. 

Finnairin ensimmäisen kaukolennon miehistöön kuuluneet Aarre Vainio, Margaretha Aittokoski ja Ritva Wähter muistelevat videolla 50 vuoden takaisia tapahtumia, kun Finnair viritti koko koneistonsa valmistelemaan kaikkien aikojen tyylikkäintä kokonaisuutta, ikimuistoisen näyttävää saapumista Amerikkaan.