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Marine explained by Neste

Navigating the rough seas with the new IMO2020-compliant Neste Marine 0.5, which contains maximum 0.5% sulphur and meets the stricter legislative requirements for maritime sulphur emissions. Watch the video to learn more.

What are the highlights of #NesteLife?

We asked our employees to share some of their highlights of working at Neste. Watch the video and discover their greetings!

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Neste: Creating a healthier planet for our children

We believe in creating a healthier planet for our children by creating responsible choices every day. Read more about the leaps we're taking towards a better, sustainable future here:

This is the only planet we have, and we all are responsible for keeping it in shape. Neste takes concrete action by creating responsible choices for the diverse demands of companies and consumers. Our goal is to do more with less. That is why we continuously are searching for new renewable raw materials, such as waste and residues.

Working in one the most sustainable companies in the world

What is it like to work in one of the most sustainable companies in the world? Watch the video and find out!

We asked our employees:
Neste is ranked as one of the most sustainable companies in the world. How does it feel to work in this type of company?
How do you see sustainability in your work life at Neste?

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Lauri Markkanen relaxing at NOLLA

The NBA player Lauri Markkanen visited the ecological #Nolla cabin to relax and to enjoy the Finnish nature surrounding it. We all have to play our part in making sure that also our children get to enjoy the nature. 
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Lauri Markkanen: #Dontchoke Q&A at NOLLA

The NBA-player Lauri Markkanen visited the sustainable Nolla cabin and held his first ever Instagram Q&A session about his sustainable pledges. You asked, Lauri answered. 
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Neste Singapore foundation stone ceremony

Watch our CEO Peter Vanacker video greeting from our Neste Singapore foundation stone marking the expansion of the Neste refinery in Singapore! 

The Singapore expansion will extend Neste’s renewable product overall capacity in Singapore by up to 1.3 million tons per annum, bringing the total renewable product capacity close to 4.5 million tons annually in 2022. N

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Sustainability Rider

Flow and Neste offer the artists of the festival a possibility to participate in the combat against climate crisis by introducing a new Sustainability Rider. The Sustainability Rider is an easy-to-adopt set of clauses that any artist can add to their existing riders. It’s an effortless way for artists to take a stand for the environment.

By setting climate clauses to riders, festivals, promoters and venues will be encouraged to think about how they produce their experiences. The Sustainability Rider is freely available to artists all over the world, and can be downloaded from

When we succeed work feels good and does good

Why we work towards our health and wellbeing at work everyday? Watch the video and find out how we at Neste take care of work wellbeing together. 

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Decarbonizing Aviation Explained by Neste

For the aviation industry to grow sustainably, measures need to be taken to reduce the aviation-related emissions. Watch the video to learn how Neste is taking part in reducing emissions!

#NesteLife explained by our people: What is working at Neste like?

Watch the video and find out how our people explain #NesteLife (working life at Neste) and why you should join us! 

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Neste promoting the marine environmental work together with customers

Watch the video and find out how Neste high-quality marine fuels reduce emissions of marine operations!

Welcome to Zero Island │ Neste

Neste’s Zero Island project cuts emissions on Lidö by 78%

Sweden is aiming to become climate neutral by 2045. However, it has been estimated by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that we may have as little as twelve years to tackle climate change. To examine what it takes to reduce CO2 emissions as fast as possible, Neste and its partners set to turn the island of Lidö in the Swedish archipelago into a climate neutral Zero Island in just twelve months. As a result of the project, the island’s emissions were brought down by an impressive 78 percent from their previous levels.

Neste reusing carbon

With our patented NEXBTL technology, we produce renewable fuels from waste and residues that enable our customers to reduce their CO2 emissions.
Now we start to use the same technology to replace fossil raw materials with renewable feedstock in materials, such as plastics.
In addition, we develop chemical recycling expertise. It can be used to liquefy waste plastics, feed them back into the production process and give them a new life, as new materials or as fuel. This cycle can be done again and again.