SAP S/4 HANA dream team announced by Bilot and cbs

Finnish SAP Gold partner Bilot and Heidelberg based cbs Corporate Business Solutions GmbH (cbs) announced today their cooperation in providing SAP customers with leading S/4 HANA transition services as a joint offering. cbs Corporate Business Solutions has deep experience in most complex SAP ERP transformations and HANA migrations globally. Bilot is a pioneer and recognized leader in designing and deploying SAP solutions and simplifying digitalization within the SAP ecosystem.

SAP S/4 HANA is the new digital core of SAP business platform. S/4 HANA has had the fastest growth of a new product in SAP’s history and it is expected that customer transition from their current SAP ERP to S/4HANA will rapidly increase towards the end of 2016. SAP customers worldwide are currently analyzing the benefits of SAP S/4 HANA and planning the transformation projects.

By joining forces Bilot and cbs Corporate Business Solutions will be able to provide a secure migration path and maximize the benefits of SAP S/4 HANA to their customers. cbs Corporate Business Solutions has a globally unique capability in governing and executing complex SAP landscape transformations. Bilot is Finland’s leading SAP service company with a sophisticated portfolio of services and solutions for commerce-driven business. Bilot’s role in the cooperation is to provide UX development, Cloud, Customer Engagement and Commerce, Analytics, IoT, big data and Integration services that help customers fully leverage the potential of the S/4HANA Digital Core.

 “This is the perfect continuum to our accomplished partnership with cbs. We are combining the excellence of two leaders of their respective genre to form a truly compelling offering for S/4 HANA transformation. Bilot and cbs have already done successful projects together – there is nothing equal to this in the market. Customers considering S/4 HANA will benefit from our holistic and independent approach.” says Mika Tanner, CEO Bilot Group.

“SAP customers who are facing business transformations, and all those who are about to build a standardized, harmonized, and consolidated SAP solution on a global scale, should be aware of the significant change in today’s SAP software portfolio, and get prepared for the new future rather quickly. SAP’s system architecture of tomorrow will not look like the one you have planned two years before.
By following our methodical S/4HANA transition program, global companies will be able to refresh and safeguard their SAP strategy 2020+, and properly integrate S/4HANA innovations into their IT roadmap and project portfolio– says Harald Sulovsky, CEO of cbs Corporate Business Solutions.

The joint S/4 HANA offering of Bilot and cbs Corporate Business Solutions is available in Nordic countries, Poland and by request also in other markets.

For more information please contact:

Bilot Oy - Group CEO                     
Mika Tanner                           
Bilot Oy                                   
tel. +358 40 544 0477,

Bilot Oy – Director, Markets and Ecosystem                     
Mikko Koljonen
Bilot International Oy                                   
tel. +358 50 36 28 218,  

cbs – CEO
Harald Sulovsky
cbs Corporate Business Solutions Unternehmensberatung GmbH
Heidelberg, Germany
tel. +49 6221 33040,

cbs – Director Business Development
Lorenz Praefcke
cbs Corporate Business Solutions Unternehmensberatung GmbH
Heidelberg, Germany
tel. +49 174 343 8585,

cbs Corporate Business Solutions Unternehmensberatung GmbH

As an international process and SAP consultant, the management consultancy cbs Corporate Business Solutions ( is a provider of high-quality corporate solutions for global process and SAP system landscapes.

cbs is a quality leader when it comes to global solutions (Corporate Business Solutions) for companies using SAP. The Heidelberg management, process, and SAP consultants plan and design global transformation projects, template rollouts, and sustainable support concepts for a standardized, harmonized, and consolidated process and SAP system landscape. Its full range of services for quick, secure, and efficient corporate transformation is unsurpassed worldwide.  cbs belongs to the Materna Group and employs over 250 members of staff at its headquarters in Heidelberg and at its locations in Munich, Stuttgart, Dortmund, Hamburg, Singapore, and Zurich. With its powerful international network of partners, cbs provides customer-centric solutions worldwide.


Bilot is an independent, creative and genuinely customer focused business technology company. Founded in 2005 by leading experts in their field, we are a growth company and regarded as a pioneer when it comes to adopting and developing the latest SAP and Microsoft solutions. Bilot group turnover in 2015 was 15 MEUR and there are currently approximately 130 employees. Bilot is a Gold level partner of SAP and Microsoft.


Bilot on itsenäinen, luova ja aidosti asiakaslähtöinen yritys. Alansa johtavien asiantuntijoiden vuonna 2005 perustama Bilot on kasvava yritys ja edelläkävijä uusien SAP- ja Microsoft-ratkaisujen käyttöönotossa ja kehittämisessä. Arvomme pohjaavat rohkeuteen, omintakeisuuteen ja sitoutuneisuuteen. Olemme onnistuneet nousemaan erinomaiseksi ja halutuksi työnantajaksi, joka houkuttelee ja säilyttää todellisia lahjakkuuksia, luovimpia ajattelijoita ja terävimpiä näkijöitä.