Blue1:n lokakuu

The total number of passengers was 145.000 in October, down 15.8% vs last year. The total traffic decreased by 8.8% vs last year and the overall passenger load factor was 64.1% down 2.0 p.u. vs last year.

The passenger load factor on the Domestic routes decreased by 1.6 p.u. and the capacity by 18%. Capacity on Scandinavian routes decreased by 6% and the traffic by 13% vs last year. This resulted in a 4,6 p.u. lower load factor than last year. Capacity on European routes was on last year's level but the traffic decreased by 2% vs last year resulting in a 1.0 p.u. lower passenger load factor.

Blue1:s regularity was 98,9% and the on-time performance was 89,8%.