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REDI is a novel, one-of-a-kind shopping centre and landmark in Finland with a 60,000m² of retail space in be the fastest expanding and most densely populated area in the entire capital region.

Situated in downtown Helsinki in Finland, REDI´s location is unique in many ways. Accessible by metro, bus, tram, car, bicycle, foot and boat, REDI is a place that combines shopping and modern living with urban culture in a brand new way – stretching 132 meters towards the sky.

With retail distributed across four floors, REDI is surrounded by Helsinki´s trendiest neighbourhoods and attractions e.g. music festivals and events. The area is known for its versatile leisure activity options. The iconic Helsinki Zoo is also situated within walking distance from REDI.

Upon completion in 2018, REDI will be the most modern shopping destination in downtown Helsinki. Easily accessible, it is the only neighbourhood in the city to have daily and specialty retail, entertainment and high-rise living under one roof – surrounded by urban parks and the sea.

REDI has a catchment area of 1,1 million people, who live within a 30-minute drive from REDI. In the next few years, with an estimated population growth of 30% by 2022, the REDI area is the neighborhood of the future on all levels.

REDI is backed by an investment consortium that includes owners SRV, Ilmarinen, OP Pohjola Group and LocalTapiola Group, as well as banking syndicate of OP, Nordea, Helaba, Danske Bank and Swedbank AB.

With building permit, investors and funding in place, things are moving fast at REDI. Construction works are proceeding rapidly and leasing is underway… will you be one of the tenants?

• 60000 m2 of retail space, in the new heart of Helsinki.

• 500 metro stops per day.

• 12 million visitors in its first full year expected.

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Pia Svensk
Commercial Director
REDI Shopping Centre
+358 50 389 0569

Jonna Majanen
Leasing Manager
REDI Shopping Centre
+358 45 110 8802

Sofia Palin
Specialist, Leasing
REDI Shopping Centre
+358 40 656 5051

Kristina Bäckmark
Specialist, Leasing
REDI Shopping Centre
+358 44 712 9232


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REDIn kuusi asuintornia, yksi toimisto- ja yksi hotellitorni kurottavat korkeimmillaan jopa 132 metriin. Tornien juuressa, puistojen ja rantapromenadin ympäröimänä, on Helsingin kantakaupungin suurin kauppa- ja elämyskeskus. REDIn tornit nousevat Kalasataman rannoille seuraavan kuuden vuoden kuluessa. Kauppakeskus avataan kokonaisuudessaan 2018, ensimmäiset asukkaat pääsevät muuttamaan arviolta 2018 ja koko REDI valmistuu 2022 mennessä.


Upon completion in 2018, REDI will be the most modern shopping destination in downtown Helsinki.