Good results through collaboration

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The indoor air renovation of Savotalo Health Centre in Kuopio, Finland is an extensive project taking years to complete. Kiilto is taking part in the project as material supplier and partner with the City of Kuopio and the project’s designer and contractor.

Savotalo, Kuopio’s main health centre, is undergoing a major renovation to improve the building’s indoor air quality. Repairs have been carried out in Savotalo for 12 months, and work will continue until 2023. Kiilto has been involved in the project from the start as material supplier and partner.

“Carrying out major projects in premises that are being used at the same time is not always easy, but this project has proceeded without a hitch, despite the fact that the renovation includes multiple stages. The designer plays a big role in major indoor air improvement projects. The designer decides what is to be done and which products to use. Obviously the construction company can also contribute to decision-making. Special thanks are due already at this stage to the customer, whose professional project management is vital to achieving high-quality repairs, and to the user that has cooperated extremely well to adjust their operations and spaces to allow repair work to progress,” says Tomi Hakkarainen from the construction company Rakennusliike Konttinen Oy.

Good products for success

Kiilto products are being used in the renovation. Kiilto has designed a compatible product package to ensure that all work stages can be completed successfully, from levelling the floor to applying the finishing touches to all surfaces.

A two-component barrier, Kiilto Block, is used for floor encapsulation. Kiilto Airblock Coat and Kiilto Airblock Fiber sealing agents are used for all walls, boundaries between ceilings and walls, and whenever sealing strips are used. Airblock Coat is a sealing agent in liquid form, and Airblock Fiber is a paste.

The products were chosen together by the material supplier, customer and designer.

“We have very good experiences with Kiilto products. They are easy to use and spread. Using single-component products are handy on construction sites, because you do not have to mix anything or arrange a place for mixing products. Work is also made easier by using good and modern equipment, such as dust control equipment that automatically adjust the necessary pressure difference in the rooms where work is in progress. During sealing work, automatic adjustment of underpressure is crucial,” says Hakkarainen.

Kiilto has not only supplied material but also provided background information about the products. Kiilto staff will also visit the site if necessary to assist with use of the products. Technical support can be required in various situations, for example in the case of products that the construction workers are not yet familiar with.

“Obviously we don’t have to tell them how to use a paintbrush, it’s more about the principles of how to use the products.  We chose products that are as easy to use and quick to apply as possible. This also gives higher-quality results,” says Kari Rinne, Kiilto regional manager.

Working in stages

What makes the renovation challenging is that it is being carried out in stages, with the building being used at the same time. This is why careful planning is needed to determine how to proceed at any given time so that normal operations are not disrupted and people can move about.

“All ceilings and boundaries between structures are sealed, including the exterior walls. We also perform floor encapsulation, depending on the structure of the floor. Once a phase of the work has been completed, the quality controller makes sealing measurements. So far the results have been very good,” says Hakkarainen.

Savotalo Health Centre

  • Customer: City of Kuopio, Finland
  • Design by: Sweco
  • Contractor: Rakennusliike Konttinen Oy
  • Plot: 2:8:3, area 2,889 m2
  • Floors: 1–4
  • Net floor area: approx. 4,380 m2
  • Gross floor area on floors 1–4: 6,508.5 m2
  • Gross floor area: 8,398 m2
  • Volume: 31,348 m3