LaughLoud:Labs AB is an international publisher of licensed and proprietary characters specializing in digital toys for children. We work with world- renowned Licensing agencies, and rights-holders. When we develop for kids we always talk about ”digital toys” as you dont reach any levels or win any points. Instead we focus on challenging the development of our kids through offering them a possibility to get to know the characters in a playful way. As a parent you can always feel secure that no LaughLoud developed digital toy will have advertising or in-app purchases. We think playing and having fun in the digital world will be the future way to also learn about the real world for our kids. Therefore we enjoy publishing and developing safe digital toys and games based on trusted and well-known Characters like for instance Moomin. Our team consist of a unique mix of early adopters from the early 1990´s digital revolution, PR and Marketing experience from all over the world including P.R.China, and a world leading private equity group.