OMX introduces futures and options on VINX30 index

From September 1, 2006, OMX will offer VINX30 index futures and options covering the 30 largest Nordic companies. The derivatives on VINX30 offer investment opportunities in the Nordic region for both institutional as well as private investors.

OMX now expands its index derivatives offerings so that all types of investors are able to invest in the Nordic stock market via one single product – the VINX30 index futures and options. For investors the use of futures and options on VINX30 is a cost efficient way to broaden their investment in the largest and most liquid companies listed on OMX, the Nordic Exchange in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki as well as Oslo Børs. OMX offers a fee free trading on VINX30 futures and options from launch September 1 to December 31, 2006. From the start there will be four market makers quoting prices continuously ensuring available market prices. In addition to VINX30 OMX offers already a wide range of derivatives index products and derivatives on more than 150 individual shares listed on the Nordic Exchange. Facts about VINX30 VINX30 is a euro-denominated, free-float adjusted, tradable index including the 30 largest and most traded companies listed on the Nordic Exchange in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki and on Oslo Børs. VINX30 highlights the combined investment opportunities created by the diversification in the sectors between the Nordic countries.

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