The Nordic Exchange welcomes Ellen to First North

Trading in Ellen will commence today on First North in Sweden. Including Ellen, First North now comprises 118 companies.

Ellen AB is a biotech company that focuses on women’s health and targets the global market. Ellen AB is the first company in world to offer women tampons treated with lactic acid bacteria. These tampons have been sold in the Nordic countries for three years. The company is presently expanding on the European market via distributors as well as developing two new products based on the same technology. Ellen has a strong patent portfolio and sound clinical evidence for its unique, beneficial bacteria.

“We warmly welcome Ellen as the forty-first company to join First North this year. By joining First North, Ellen will represent yet another investment opportunity within the consumer staples sector, ” says Jenny Rosberg, President of Company Services at OMX.

Thenberg & Kinde Fondommission AB is Certified Adviser for Ellen. A round lot of shares in Ellen, whose short name is ELN, amounts to 1000 and the company is included in the Consumer staples sector.

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