Takeoff challenges young people to study trademarks beneath the surface

The Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) is one of the organisations representing working life at the Takeoff event which will take place in Helsinki on Friday 22 November 2019. During the event, we will be running workshops to help young people understand what trademarks have to do with business activities and why they should be a part of every entrepreneur’s toolbox.

Trademarks and other intellectual property rights (IPR) are an important and relevant theme also for the young. Knowledge about trademarks is not only an essential working life skill for the future but something they can already benefit from right now.

- Understanding the basics of trademarks is necessary for all of us – both for those using branded products and for those building future brands. We want to be a part of Takeoff to tell the young future makers more about what trademarks are and what things are connected with them. We also want to kindle their imagination about how they could use a trademark to build their own business, says Olli Ilmarinen, Development Specialist at the PRH.

Takeoff Event

Takeoff (formerly Slush Youth) is a side event of Slush and now organised for the fifth time. The event program includes speeches from well-known entrepreneurs, workshops facilitated by various organisations and a visit to Slush. At the event, young people can put into practice the skills they have acquired on Business Courses, learn more about future working life and – above all – become more enthusiastic about entrepreneurship.

Takeoff is organised by TAT Business Courses. The PRH participates in the event together with Economy and youth TAT as part of an IPR project financed by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).


For more information, please contact:

Olli Ilmarinen, Development Specialist
Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH)
Tel. +358 29 509 5236



About us

We work for the benefit of companies and organizations.

We register companies, associations, foundations and other organizations and corporations, as well as enterprise mortgages and LEI codes. We examine and grant patents and register utility models. We also register trademarks for products and services and provide design protection. We oversee and approve auditors and monitor foundations and the collective management of copyright.

We offer our customers advisory services and courses. We give information about companies, organizations, corporations and immaterial rights.

Our office is an International Searching Authority (ISA) and International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA) for international PCT patent applications.

Our office comes under the administrative sector of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (MEAE), and we negotiate each year with the MEAE on our performance targets. Our office is subject to net budgeting, meaning that about 95% of our expenses are covered by the income we make from our services.

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Rekisteröimme yritykset, yhdistykset, säätiöt ja muut yhteisöt sekä yrityskiinnitykset ja LEI-tunnukset. Tutkimme ja myönnämme patentit ja hyödyllisyysmallit. Rekisteröimme tuotteille ja palveluille tavaramerkin sekä muotoilulle mallisuojan. Huolehdimme tilintarkastajien hyväksymisestä ja valvonnasta. Valvomme säätiöiden toimintaa ja tekijänoikeuden yhteishallinnointia. Neuvomme ja koulutamme asiakkaitamme. Tarjoamme tietoa yrityksistä, yhteisöistä ja aineettomista oikeuksista. Olemme myös kansainvälisten PCT-patenttihakemusten uutuustutkimusviranomainen (ISA) ja patentoitavuuden esitutkimusviranomainen (IPEA).