Updated SANAKO Study 500 and 1200 Introduce Mobility and Greater Flexibility

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Updated SANAKO Study 500 and 1200 Introduce Mobility and Greater Flexibility

SANAKO continues to offer new enhancements to classroom routines with a new version of its SANAKO Study Software. The latest version of SANAKO Study Software allows customers to incorporate the benefits of mobile learning with the SANAKO Study Mobile Module, and provides integration with Microsoft® Office OneNote®, a useful application for information sharing and collaboration in the Study live learning environment.

Study Mobile Module combines the mobility and flexibility of the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet with the classroom management capabilities of SANAKO Study 500 and SANAKO Study 1200. It allows schools to integrate mobile devices such as the Nokia N810 for motivating classroom and off-campus learning experiences. At the same time, powerful classroom management features in Study 500 allow teachers to guide and mentor students by launching files, locking devices, conducting guided web tours, and distributing and collecting assignments.

Enhanced Information Gathering and Collaboration

Microsoft® OneNote®, is a tool for note taking, information gathering, and multi-user collaboration. Used with SANAKO Study 500 and Study 1200, the application allows teachers to easily distribute their classroom notes to students in the Study live learning session with a single mouse click. OneNote® also includes other modern features such as drawings, pictures, multimedia audio, video, and ink and allows for multi-user sharing of notes.

Integration of OneNote into Study 500 enriches the activity options of the software and provides more opportunities for teacher to provide effective and stimulating learning interactions. Moreover, teachers can ensure that students keep up with lessons by sharing their notes with the class.

The integration of Study Mobile Module and integration of Microsoft® OneNote® promises to bring greater levels of interaction and increase effectiveness for teachers and students working in the Study live learning environment.

(* available initially in the UK. SANAKO Study 500/1200 v 4.00 must be installed for use of SANAKO Study Mobile Module. Customers with older versions of the software should update to version 4.00 to use Study Mobile Module.)


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