The nominees for Fortum's Supervisory Board

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6.3.2009 at 10.45 EET                                                            

The nominees for Fortum's Supervisory Board
The Finnish State has announced that it will propose that the following persons 
are elected to Fortum Corporation's Supervisory Board for the upcoming term at  
the Annual General Meeting, which is to be held 7 April 2009: 
Markku Laukkanen, Member of Parliament (MP), as Chairman                        
Sanna Perkiö, MP, as Deputy Chairman 
Martti Alakoski, Union Chairman, as member                                      
Tarja Filatov, MP, as member                                                    
Sampsa Kataja, MP, as member                                                    
Kimmo Kiljunen, MP, as member
Katri Komi, MP, as member                                                       
Panu Laturi, Secretary General, as member                                       
Juha Mieto, MP, as member                                                       
Jukka Mäkelä, MP, as member                                                     
Helena Pesola, Director, as member                                              

The nominees have given their consent.  
Fortum Corporation                                                              
Maria Romantschuk                                                               
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications  

Further information:                                                           
Mr Pekka Timonen, Director General, Ownership Steering Department, Prime
Minister's Office, Tel. +358 9 1602 3000 

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