ISD Technologies signs Joint Fires Synthetic Training deal

ISD TECHNOLOGIES signs its first JFIST™ - Joint Fires Synthetic Trainer delivery deal.

Swedish ISD Technologies, known for its advanced simulation technology and training capabilities sold its first Joint Fires simulator to a European based customer. JFIST™ is specially designed to support Joint Fires training in realistic scenarios and environments.

JFIST™ is a simulation system fully developed by ISD Technologies and actively used for training by armed forces.

This deal is a breakthrough as it is the first complete JFIST™ system to be sold and delivered to a customer by ISD. The system provided, is a deployable version of the JFIST™ system with additional customised functionality and partial on-site support. The order is of significant value for ISD, but upon request of the European based customer, no further commercial details will be disclosed.

“There is a large, and increasing, need of cost effective Joint Fires training solutions in the world today. ISD have spent a lot of effort to find the optimal solution for this type of training. By offering a product developed for the purpose we can dramatically decrease our customers risk and lower their training costs” says Jerker Andersson, Director Business Development at ISD.

JFIST™ is a Joint Fires Synthetic Trainer based on ISD’s unique Joint Simulation Core enabling training in the three domains of Air, Land and Sea. JFIST™ enables individual or collaborative training of amongst others, JTAC, JFO, pilots, Ground commanders, FSO, ALO, CRC and Joint Fires Cell personnel. The system can be networked with customers existing systems and be integrated with real C2 equipment. JFIST™ also has powerful tools for analysis, e.g.; supporting training of laser designation and deconfliction of the air space. The CAS training capability in JFIST™ is specially designed to support simulated training for forces certifying their JTACs according to STANAG 3797 or JTAC MOA.

ISD has an active sales pipeline for JFIST™ and sees that this first system delivery will help to accelerate other deals. ISD will participate in the upcoming ITSEC 2010. To book a meeting at ITSEC to discuss JFIST™ or associated training tools, please contact Jerker Andersson at or +46 8 753 9745.



For further information, please contact:

JFIST™-related questions:
Jerker Andersson, Director Business Development, phone +46 8 753 97 45

General Inquiries about ISD Technologies and products:
Thomas Lindgren, Executive Chairman & Commercial Director, phone +46 8 753 97 51


About ISD Technologies

ISD Technologies is a Swedish services and systems development company founded in 1980. The business focuses on synthetic solutions for professional training of operators and executives in demanding environments. ISD develops advanced simulation and training systems for tactical training in real time, based on a proprietary modular product platform. Customers are typically armed forces and the public sector relying on high standards for usability and reliability.


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