Bengt Åkesson proposed to be elected to the board of directors of FundedByMe, replaces Ingmar Rentzhog

Bengt Åkesson proposed to be elected to the board of directors of FundedByMe, replaces Ingmar Rentzhog

The nominating committee of FundedByMe AB proposes to the AGM that Bengt Åkesson replaces Ingmar Rentzhog in the board of directors. Ingmar Rentzhog has expressed his wish to step down as board of directors to focus on his newly launched social network for climate action called “We Don’t Have Time” . The social network is in a growing stage and demands his full attention. Rentzhog will instead continue and take on a role on the board of advisors as major shareholder. Johan Jörgensen is proposed for re-election as chairman of the board with Klara Leander, Choon Seng Tan and Daniel Daboczy as board members.

The nominating committee proposes to the AGM that Bengt Åkesson is elected as board member. Bengt Åkesson is a shareholder in FundedByMe, has followed the company since before it’s website was launched and is an active investor member, advisor and client. He holds a long and broad experience from the media and communication industry. He started and sold the content bureau Åkesson & Curry in 1988 and has been it’s acting CEO for the last 13 years. The company was sold to Chimney in 2017 and had 25 employees. Bengt holds a long experience in project management, writer of Investor Relations for clients like Nordea, JM and IK Investment Partners. In the last years Åkesson has added experience in company coaching, board membership and advisory - among others in organisations like Företagarna - but also as an investor and advisor to several startups. Due to his wide experience and his commitment he’s well adapted to the ever changing landscape of today's media and marketing world.

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The Advisory board will constitute of Ingmar Rentzhog and Katarina Gillblad. Ingmar was the founder of the IR and communications firm Laika Consulting that FundedByMe acquired in 2018. Katarina Gillblad has a long and vast experience from the years at OM and will add knowledge and networks from the financial industry.

For more information please contact Daniel Daboczy, group CEO

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FundedByMe Crowdfunding Sweden AB is a listed tech company, focusing on the financial markets. Today the company offers a digital and global platform for financial support for different startups and growth companies around the globe. The customers sign up online where they are given the possibility to book their investment interest in different companies. The company currently consists of, Feminvest, and Laika Consulting, as well as six joint ventures in Finland, Malaysia, Singapore, Poland, The Netherlands, and Dubai/UAE. Together the group reaches over 269,000 registered investment members globally. The company’s shares can be found at for example Avanza (FBM MTF B) or Nordnet (FBM MTF B).




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