FundedByMe CEO Daniel Daboczy invests in ongoing rights issue*

FundedByMe CEO Daniel Daboczy subscribes to 55,554 shares for a total of SEK 122,218 in the ongoing rights issue. The rights issue is 100 percent guaranteed and the subscription period runs until March 27.

“All of FundedByMe’s, Laika’s and Feminvest's tools are built to help companies. The current turbulence and turmoil of the markets are affecting all of us right now, but we look forward to being able to help even more companies in the future. During these times, I have personally chosen to invest in FundedByMe as I see the potential of the company and its future, where the capital market is becoming more and more digital and where the tools we’ve built will be even more needed onwards ”, says Daniel Daboczy, CEO, FundedByMe AB.

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*English translation for convenience only


For further information, please contact:
FundedByMe Crowdfunding Sweden AB
Daniel Daboczy, CEO
Mobile: +46 (0) 73 6269985


About FundedByMe
FundedByMe is a tech company, focusing on the financial markets. Today the company offers a digital and global platform for financial support for startups and growth companies around the globe. Customers sign up online where they are able to book their investment interest in different companies. The company consists of, Feminvest and Laika Consulting, as well as 6 joint ventures in Finland, Malaysia, Singapore, Poland, The Netherlands, and Dubai/UAE. Together the group reaches over 269,000 registered investment members globally. For more information visit




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