FundedByMe Crowdfunding Swedens warrants to be traded on NGM Nordic MTF as of September 9, 2019

FundedByMe Crowdfunding Sweden (publ) (”The Company”) announces today that the Company’s warrants series TO1B will commence trading on NGM Nordic MTF as of September 9, 2019.

FundedByMe Crowdfunding Swedens rights issue, executed between April 30 and Maj 17 of 2019, is now registered at Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket) Bolagsverket. Thus trading with the associated warrants TO1B will commence.

Conditions in brief:

One (1) warrant TO1B entitles a subscription in the Company's B-shares during the period of May 18 to June 2 of 2020. The subscription price shall be 8,90SEK for each B-share.

TO1B warrants in FundedByMe Crowdfunding Sweden AB (publ) will commence trading on September 9 of 2019 under the short name FBM TO1B with ISIN-code SE0012569606. The last trading day is 26 of May 2020.

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FundedByMe Crowdfunding Sweden AB

Daniel Daboczy, CEO

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FundedByMe AB (publ) is as of 8th of March a listed company on NGM Nordic MTF. FundedByMe AB (publ) is a parent company consisting of and Feminvest - probably the largest female network of investors in the North. Laika Consulting AB is a fully owned subsidiary that offers Investor Relations as well as marketing and financial communication. The company also has 6 joint ventures in Finland, Malaysia, Dubai/UAE, Poland, The Netherlands and Singapore. The company holds a business license in Malaysia (equity and P2P/P2B) and in Dubai/UAE (an equity crowdfunding license as well as a license to uphold client accounts). Together the group reaches over 269.000 registered investment members globally.


About Us

FundedByMe Crowdfunding Sweden AB is a listed technology company in fintech with a focus on the financial market. The company operates a self-developed crowdfunding platform, currently the premier platform within the EU. Equity crowdfunding is a new and growing method where various startups and growth companies on the global market can obtain capital and where new shareholders invest and get involved in the companies. The company currently consists of and Laika Consulting, which is one of Sweden's leading financial communication agencies. Laika also works with Investor Relations and also runs FundedByMe is also a majority owner in Feminvest and in jointly owned partner companies in Finland, Malaysia, Singapore, Poland, the Netherlands and Dubai/UAE. The company's shares can be traded under the short name FBM A and FBM B.




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