How To Get Free Roblox Robux: Guide to Robux Promo Codes and Generators

Looking for ways to get free Robux in Roblox 2021? Then you’re in the right place! In this guide, you will get to know the several ways on how to get free Roblox Robux in 2021 – yes, FREE! So sit tight, relax, and let’s start.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online game that has been around since 2014. It is often associated with Mojang Studios’ also popular online game Minecraft because of their similarities in aesthetic, gameplay, and core audience. 

Despite their similarities, however, Roblox is an entirely different video game with its own set of diehard fans and servers. If Minecraft is a world-building game, then think of Roblox as a game-building game.

In Roblox, players can make and share their unique games and activities with other players around the world. Similarly, you can also play other player-generated games along with your friends. Roblox is completely free-to-play with an optional premium option for those who really want the games’ bells and whistles. You can download Robox on your PC, iOS, Android, and Xbox One right now.

What is Robux?

Robux is Roblox’s in-game currency which allows players to purchase virtual items in-game. With Robux, you can get your desired items which you can share with your friends and other players in the world. Purchasing Robux is fairly straightforward. It can be done through the game itself or through Roblox’s website where players will be then asked to input their payment details to get their Robux.

Robux conversion rates also start cheap. 40 Robux starts at $0.49, while 400 Robux will cost you $5.00. Members of Roblox Premium will get respective bonuses whenever they top up Robux which increases depending on the amount of Robux that is purchased.

How to Get Free Roblox Robux

Finally, let’s talk about how to get a free Roblox Robux 2021. Right now, there are six ways to get free Robux in Roblox in 2021. Let’s go through them one by one while also talking about their advantages and disadvantages.

Robux Online Generators

This one is a fairly popular method and has been around since the inception of Roblox in 2014. Online Generators are applications that grant players free in-game currency. 

It seems too good to be true because it is. Most online generators nowadays are either a scam or attached with a virus. Back in the day, there were a few online generators that actually gave Robux, but since then, Roblox has made their game’s anti-cheat engine tighter which rendered these online generators useless. 

There still might be few online generators out there that actually work, but they will be very hard to find. Research at your own risk!

Joining Builder’s Club/Roblox Premium

Joining Roblox’s Builder’s Club or now known as Roblox Premium is another option that is legit and safe. 

Though it’s not completely “free”, it still is relatively cheap. Starting at $5 a month, you can join Roblox Premium and claim rewards, perks, and bonuses which of course, includes Robux. Not to mention the bonus Robux you get when you purchase a package while subscribed to Roblox Premium.

There’s a lot more to Roblox Premium than just Robux though. With Roblox Premium, you will be able given an allowance of 450 Robux a month up to a staggering 2200 Robux a month, depending on your tier of Roblox Premium. Alongside the free Robux, you will be able to trade items with other players, sell your very own items like shirts, pants, plugins, and many more, form a group, upload your own profile icon, get member-exclusive gear, and be given additional bonus accessories.

Selling Your Items as a Robux Hack

Like mentioned earlier, with Roblox Premium, you will be able to sell your items and turn them into Robux. 

Thankfully, Roblox is a building game which means the game has all the tools you need for you to craft the perfect shirt, pants, or anything under the sun. You may sell your items in the game’s private marketplace. 

The best thing is you can price your own items, but be sure to know what they’re really worth since most players will either ignore or outright call you out if you price your item too high. Pricing it too low may also cost you Robux. The best piece of advice would be to ask a friend or a fellow group member what they think your item is worth before posting it in the game’s marketplace.

This can be a very profitable way of earning Robux especially if you are artsy. Typical shirt prices start at 10 Robux and go up with the design and aesthetic of the shirt. Let’s not forget that there are more items in the game that you can sell like pants, limited items, and plugins!

Build your very own Roblox Game for Free Codes

This method is another good way of making Robux. Though it’s not as easy as crafting a shirt or pants, the payout is much bigger and heck, you can even turn this hobby into real money. 

First is creating your own Roblox Game. Since the game is almost 10 years old now, there are lots of ideas and concepts that have already been executed. That doesn’t mean the end of the world for you, but when trying to make a Roblox game, think of something unique and creative. A good rule of thumb is to look at the trending Roblox games at platforms like YouTube first and draw inspiration from them.

Once you have finished building your own Roblox game, you have two choices: enable players to participate and join your game for free or charge Robux so they can get in. It’s needless to say that the latter will be your choice since you want to make easy Robux. 

But, since you will be charging players, your game has to be really good or at least decent in concept for them to have a reason to try it out. This goes back to the advice earlier to be unique and creative with your game designs!

Sharing your Roblox Promo Code links to Get Free Robux

Finally, we have to share your Roblox links. This method has some sort of prerequisite as the links you will be sharing are your very own items and games. This basically means if you have none created, then there’s nothing to share. By sharing the links to your items and games, it will eventually gain traction which translates into more people looking into it and higher chances of earning Robux. A good place to start is at the community forum of the game itself, and then branch out to websites like IGN, YouTube, Twitter, and many more. That’s the essence of Roblox, after all. It’s to share worlds, games, and items that other players can enjoy.


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