Ossur Hf : 2013 Financial Calendar

Announcement from Össur hf.No:4/2013
Reykjavik, 14 February 2013

Össur Reporting Calendar 2013

Following are the expected dates for publication of financial results for 2013:

First Quarter - 24 April 2013
Second Quarter - 24 July 2013
Third Quarter - 23 October 2013
Fourth Quarter and Annual Report - 5 February 2014
Annual General Meeting - 14 March 2014

Össur has recently updated its IR Policy and would like to draw attention to the
Company's Quit Period:

The  end of  a quarter  up until  the day  of release  of the relevant quarterly
materials  is considered a quiet  period. For the full-year  report, a period of
four  weeks prior  to the  release of  the report  is considered a quiet period.
During  the quiet period, Össur does not comment on matters related to financial
results or expectations.
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