Ossur Hf : Share options Settled

Announcement from Össur hf. nr. 3/2014
Reykjavík, 6. February 2014
                             Share Options Settled

100,000 share  options granted on  15 December 2009 to Sveinn  Sölvason, CFO and
Margrét  Lára Friðriksdóttir,  EVP of  HR and  Corporate Strategy, respectively,
vested  on 15 December 2013. The share  options could not be  exercised due to a
closed  period  for  insider  trading  and  restrictions in the Icelandic Act on
Foreign  Exchange.  Therefore  the  options  will  be  settled with cash payment
equaling  the difference of  the exercise price  (DKK 5.32) and the market price
(DKK  11.30), multiplied with the number of share options. Total payments amount
to USD 0.2 million.