Ossur Hf : Trading of Own Shares

Announcement Össur hf. No. 19/2014
Viðskipti með eigin bréf/transaction in own financial instruments

Össur hf.

Dagsetning viðskipta/Date of transaction:
17 November 2014

Kaup eða sala/Buy or Sell:

Tegund fjármálagernings/Type of instrument:

Fjöldi hluta/Number of shares:

Gengi/Verð pr. Hlut/Price:
ISK 364

Fjöldi hluta eftir viðskipti/Primary insider's holdings after the transaction:

Dagsetning lokauppgjörs/Date of settlement: 21 November 2014

Ástæður viðskipta/Reason for transaction:

The purpose of the share buy-back transaction is to adjust the capital structure
in line with the Company's desired capital level of net interest bearing debt in
accordance  the Company's Dividend  Policy. Accordingly, the  Company intends to
propose to the Annual General Meeting in 2015 to decrease the share capital as a
result of this transaction.