HNA/HNB - Share buy back

Hafslund ASA has 22 September 2008 bought 15,000 Hafslund shares of class B at a price of NOK 93.43 per share. After this transaction, Hafslund`s balance of own shares is zero Hafslund class A shares and 457,284 Hafslund class B shares.
The share buy back is made under the general power of attorney provided by the general meeting to acquire Hafslund B shares equivalent to maximum 2% (3,903,725 shares) of the company's share capital. The power of attorney is effective until the ordinary general meeting in 2009, and for no longer than 18 months. The lowest remuneration that can be paid per B-share is NOK 10.00, while the highest remuneration that can be paid is NOK 300.00 per share. The shares shall primarily be used in programs directed towards employees.
Hafslund ASA
Oslo, 23 September 2008