HK Ruokatalo Oyj  STOCK EXCHANGE ANNOUNCEMENT 26 Feb 2003 at 10.30am


The increase in share capital resulting from the private placing
executed by HK Ruokatalo Oyj has today been entered in the Finnish
Trade register. The increase was EUR 109,335.50 and the company’s
share capital rose from EUR 42,814,160.00 to EUR 42,923,495.50.

Share capital by share class before the increase
             No. of shares          %    No. of votes         %
A Shares        19,784,800      78.56      19,784,800     15.48
K Shares         5,400,000      21.44     108,000,000     84.52
Total           25,184,800     100.00     127,784,800    100.00

Share capital by share class subsequent to the increase
             No. of shares          %    No. of votes         %
A Shares        19,849,115      78.61      19,849,115     15.53
K Shares         5,400,000      21.39     108,000,000     84.47
Total           25,249,115     100.00     127,849,115    100.00

Each A Share conveys one (1) vote. K Shares are not listed and each K
Share conveys 20 votes. All shares have a nominal value of EUR 1.70.

The 64,315 new A Shares issued in conjunction with the increase in
share capital convey the same dividend and other shareholder rights as
existing A Shares do. The first dividend is payable on new A Shares
for the year 2002. The new A Shares will be traded on the Main List of
the Helsinki Exchanges together with existing HK Ruokatalo A Shares
from 27 February 2003. The Finnish Financial Supervision Authority
has, on 14 February 2003, granted HK Ruokatalo permission (No.
8/271/2003) to not publish an offering circular in connection with
this increase in share capital.

The private placing related to a deal in which HK Ruokatalo increased
its 85 per cent holding in slaughterhouse Helanderin Teurastamo Oy to
100 per cent.

HK Ruokatalo Oyj

Simo Palokangas
Chief executive officer

Helsinki Exchanges

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