Pay by Phone Casinos in the UK: Is Funding By Phone Bill the Future?

In the 21st century, you can do just about everything on your phone — including gamble. Until recently, however, many online casinos made it impossible for you to fund your gambling from your phone.

That’s all changing, as pay by phone casinos like Mansion and Genesis are beginning to crop up all over the internet. This method allows you to deposit and withdraw money right from your phone, no desktop computer required — and the pay by phone casino is on the rise all over the UK.

How Does Pay by Phone Work?

The idea behind pay by phone depositing — sometimes called “pay by phone bill” depositing — is that players will be able to make deposits at their online casino of choice without using a credit card, debit card, or e-payment provider like Neteller or PayPal.

What do you use instead of those forms of payment? Your phone number.

Many casinos now offer pay by phone options. This method requires you to select a deposit amount and provide your telephone number. The casino will then text you a verification code; enter the code and your deposit will be approved.

So where does the actual money come from? There are several possibilities:

1. It’s Added to Your Next Phone Bill

This is the most common option. Your deposit amount will be tacked on to your next mobile phone bill, just like buying certain apps.

The benefit of this for players is that it doesn’t require them to pay up on the spot, nor does it require them to possess a debit card. The transactions are instant as well, so you can start playing immediately and worry about paying for everything later.

The downside, of course, is that gambling with money you don’t have is an excellent way to find yourself in financial ruins. The UK government is also cracking down on methods like this in order to curb problem gambling, so who knows how much longer this method will be legal.

2. It’s Paid Using Mobile Credits

An alternate way to pay using your mobile phone is to cash in credits. If you have a prepaid SIM card, you can use some of the balance to deposit funds into your casino account.

As an added bonus, this is a completely secure way to move money, as those SIM cards are anonymous. You don’t have to worry about hackers or thieves getting access to your banking information, as the casino will never have it.

You can’t go into debt with this method, as you’ll be depositing using money you’ve already spent. However, you could shorten the lifespan of your prepaid phone significantly.

How Do You Deposit Money with Pay by Phone Bill?

The exact process will vary depending on the terms set by the casino, but in general, this is what you’ll need to do:

  1. Choose the Pay by Phone Option Offered by the Casino: two of the most popular providers are Boku or Payforit

  2. Pick Your Deposit Amount: most pay by phone options have strict limits regarding how much players can deposit, so read the fine print
  3. Provide Your Phone Number: the service will text you a confirmation code that you’ll need to complete the deposit
  4. Enter the Code: once you enter the code, you’ll be sent a confirmation that your deposit has been completed.

As soon as you get your confirmation code, the money should be in your account, ready to go. There are no waiting periods or processing times to worry about.

Find a Pay by Phone Casino

The casinos below all offer pay by phone bill deposit options. The exact type of pay by mobile deposit method offered will vary by casino, however.

  1. Mansion

  2. Genesis
  4. RedKings Casino
  5. Casino Joy
  6. VegasHero
  7. Casoola
  8. Spinit
  9. Casino Gods
  10. Kassu
  11. Sloty
  12. Casino Planet
  13. Casino Lab
  14. Mr. Spin
  15. Spela
  16. mFortune
  17. Casino Cruise
  18. FunBet
  19. All British Casino
  20. Casino 2020

Traditional Banking Methods Are Also Available on Mobile

Many people confuse pay by mobile options with the ability to use more traditional payment methods from your phone. When we say “traditional payment methods,” we’re talking about services like:

  • Bank wire transfers

  • Credit or debit card deposits
  • E-wallets like Skrill or Neteller
  • PayPal

All of these can be accessed and used from most smartphones — but they’re not pay by phone methods. Instead, they use your existing banking or credit card details to fund your casino balance.

As of April 2020 in the UK, credit card deposits are no longer allowed to be accepted by online casinos. The government doesn’t want players to gamble with money they don’t have, so while many pay by phone methods currently slip through a loophole in that law, that loophole might not be around much longer.

What About Apple Pay?

Apple Pay may be one of the first things people think of when they hear the phrase “pay by phone,” but it doesn’t fit the category, either.

Apple Pay is basically a secure, scannable digital wallet. However, it usually has another form of payment backing it up — typically a debit card. You can only pay up-front with Apple Pay, rather than charge it to your phone bill for later payment.

One advantage that Apple Pay has over other mobile payment options is that you deposit and withdraw to your account with just a few taps, making it extremely convenient.

Is Pay by Phone Bill Available On All Mobile Networks?

Currently, the list of providers that support pay by phone include:

  • Virgin

  • Vodafone
  • O2
  • Three
  • EE

Beyond this, you should check with your mobile provider to see if they allow pay by phone deposits.

Boku and Payforit are the two most popular deposit methods, but you may also see them listed under other names, including:

  • Pay by phone

  • Pay via phone
  • Pay by mobile
  • Charge to bill
  • Charge to mobile
  • Mobile Pay

What Are the Advantages of a Pay by Phone Casino?

There are several good reasons why deposit by phone bill is such a popular banking option. These include:

Extremely Convenient

When you deposit by phone bill, you don’t need to track down your credit card, debit card, or your banking information to start playing. Simply provide and verify your number and you’re ready to hit the tables.

Increased Security

Thieves and hackers won’t be able to steal your banking information or other sensitive personal data — because it will never be transmitted to the casinos. The only information they’ll get is your telephone number.

Pay by phone providers also use a simple authentication system that allows you to protect your data without having to jump through a bunch of hoops to do so.

Speedy Processing

Many traditional deposit methods are subject to holding periods, sometimes up to 72 hours. With pay by phone, though, your money will be available as soon as you verify your phone number.

Responsible Gambling

There are strict limits on how much you can deposit with your phone. This can encourage moderation in gambling, as well as preventing players from digging themselves too deeply in debt.

Good for Those WIthout Credit Cards

Any customer who doesn’t have a credit or debit card can still play at an online casino using this deposit method.

You’ll still need some method of withdrawing your cash, so you’ll need a bank account or something similar. 

What Are the Disadvantages of a Pay by Phone Casino?

Playing at a pay by mobile casino isn’t without its drawbacks. In addition to its increasingly questionable legal status, here are a few other reasons why a customer might avoid this method:

Low Limits

While having strict limits on how much you can gamble may be useful for problem gamblers, for other players it’s, well, a problem.

You can only deposit £10 at one time — and £30 per day — via your mobile phone, so if you want to play higher stakes, you won’t be able to do it with this method.

Also, if you enjoy taking advantage of deposit bonuses and other promotions, you may not be able to qualify for them using a mobile deposit, as many casinos have minimum deposit terms that are greater than what is allowed by this funding option.

Can’t Withdraw

You can only deposit money using your phone — you can’t get it back off the site the same way. You’ll need an alternative method in order to cash out your funds.

Most casinos offer a variety of ways to do this, including sending you a paper check. These methods can be subject to heavy fees, however, and you’ll want to read the terms and conditions before you agree to any of them.

You can withdraw using Apple Pay, but that’s the exception to the rule. It’s also not considered a true pay by phone option, as it requires having the money up front.

Not Universally Accepted

Not every online casino offers these deposits at this time, nor is it allowed by every mobile carrier.

Difficult to Track Spending

While pay by phone limits your daily deposit amount, it won’t necessarily limit it beyond that. As a result, it’s easy to lose track of how much you’re spending until you see your phone bill.

That can actually encourage problem gambling, just in smaller increments than you’d normally encounter.

No Refunds

If you accidentally make a deposit with your phone, you can’t get your money refunded — again, there are no ways to withdraw your money to your phone.

You’ll have to use an alternative funding method to withdraw your cash. That can take several days, and there may be fees associated with it, potentially causing you to lose money on the transaction.

This can be especially problematic because it’s really easy to make a deposit using this method. Once your phone is registered with the casino, it may just take a simple swipe to add more money, so be careful.

Can You Use Pay by Phone with a Landline?

Yes, but as with mobile phones, not every provider will accommodate it. 

The process is basically the same, although you won’t get your money as rapidly as you would with your mobile phone. 

You have to register your landline number with the casino, and instead of texting you a code, they’ll give you a special phone number to call to verify your account. 

Once your account is verified, you’ll use the keypad on your phone to indicate how much you want to deposit. The casino will then contact your phone company to approve the transaction, and once that happens, your deposit will show up in your account.

The charges for this deposit will then appear on your next phone bill.

Are There Any Fees Associated with Using Pay by Mobile Services?

There won’t be any from your mobile company — they’ll just tack the charges on to your regular bill.

However, there may be some fees charged by the casino, so be sure to read the terms and conditions before making a deposit. These fees could be levied on your deposit, your withdrawal, or both, so check the fine print carefully.

What Are Pay by Mobile Slots?

This is a marketing term that the casinos use to encourage players to try their slots. 

There is no special mobile payment method used solely to fund slot machines or bingo sites — your pay by mobile deposit can be used to wager on any game the casino offers.

Pay by Phone Bill May Be the Wave of the Future — If It Lasts

Players looking for a quick, convenient, and secure way to deposit funds at the online casino of their choice should consider giving pay by phone banking a try. 

Pay by phone allows you to bill your deposit to your next cellular bill, enabling you to hit the tables in minutes. There are drawbacks, of course, and it may not be legal for much longer, but for the moment it’s one of the easiest ways to add money to your account.

Given how easy it is to gamble on your phone nowadays, it only makes sense to handle your financial transactions that way as well — and pay by phone lets you hit the tables without ever having to put your mobile device down.

If you suffer from a gambling problem or suspect somebody you know does, then we strongly suggest that you call the National Problem Gambling Hotline at 0808 8020 133 or via the NetLine.

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