Sigrid Therapeutics inks major manufacturing deal with Japan’s AGC for SiPore15[®]

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Targeting $10 billion prediabetes/obesity market with unique fat/carbohydrate uptake reducing product

Stockholm, Sweden, June 2, 2021. Sweden’s Sigrid Therapeutics, which has been developing a unique concept for preventing two of the world’s greatest health challenges, diabetes and obesity, has taken a great leap towards a product launch by signing an agreement on collaboration with the Japanese company AGC Si-Tech. Meanwhile, the company’s CEO, Sana Alajmovic, has both been named one of the Female Leaders of the Future and won the Life Science category of the Nova 111 list.

Two of the world’s greatest health challenges, diabetes type 2 and obesity, could be prevented by Sigrid Therapeutics’ unique concept, SiPore15®, where special tailor-made silicon dioxide particles ingested with food will reduce the uptake of carbohydrates and fats in the gut. The product targets people at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, prediabetics, and newly diagnosed type 2 diabetics.

The Swedish medtech challenger has now taken a great and important leap towards a market breakthrough through a production agreement with Japan’s AGC Si-Tech securing access to industrial large-scale production of SiPore15®.

“Discussions with AGC have been underway for years, and we’re very satisfied that we’ve now landed an agreement and managed to scale up manufacturing of SiPore15® “, says the company’s CEO, Sana Alajmovic.

Japan’s AGC is a company with a century-long history, expertise within complex silicone production, and a leading position within the glass, electronics, chemical, and ceramics industries.  

Meanwhile, Sigrid Therapeutics’ CEO Sana Alajmovic has today taken the first place on the Nova 111 list in the Life Science category. The aim with the list is to find the most talented professionals younger than 36 years of age by ability and potential, regardless of gender and background. The list of talents is evidence-based and meritocratic, as each person is tested and assessed through tried and tested selection methodologies.

Sana Alajmovic was recently also named, for the second consecutive year, as one of the Female Leaders of the Future by the Swedish managers’ organisation Ledarna. The award is given to female leaders that are making a difference and highlights the value of good leadership.

“To me leadership is about having the guts to challenge existing structures. I am frustrated to live in a society where we focus more on managing disease than preventing it. With Sigrid I want to build a company and drive a societal change towards preventive health”.

The treatment of prediabetes is currently based on lifestyle changes, dietary supplements, and off the label use of the diabetes medicine Metformin. Majority of patients fail however at implementing a healthier lifestyle. While there are no approved treatment options for prediabetes, the diabetes prevention market is expected to triple during the next six years to USD 1.8 billion in US, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and France. Similar growth is expected in the obesity market, which today is worth USD 6.1 billion.

“We’re seeing increased interest in the market and expect to have a commercial partnership deal in place in two to three years.”

Already Sigrid has a clinical study in the EU with 400 prediabetics and type 2 diabetics underway, the results of which will form the basis for a CE-mark application in Europe.

“With large-scale production in place, we’ll also speed up the dialogue for launching the product in the U.S. as a dietary supplement, by ourselves or through a partner.”

About Sigrid Therapeutics: 

Sigrid Therapeutics (Sigrid) is a clinical-stage technology company pioneering a new class of engineered materials to prevent and treat metabolic diseases and disorders, including type 2 diabetes. The Company’s lead product SiPore15® is an orally administered medical device, which is clinically proven to lower long-term blood sugar and a range of metabolic parameters. Designed to act locally in the gut, SiPore15®, consists of precisely engineered micron-sized silica particles with tailored porosity. Upon its approval, SiPore15®, will be the first medical device available for reduction of blood sugar levels in people at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

About AGC Si-Tech

AGC Si-Tech is a fine silica focused company, belonging to the AGC Group.  The Group’s parent company, AGC Inc. is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Using the world’s top-class technologies cultivated through a history of technological innovation extending over 100 years, the AGC Group has continued to create new values in the business areas of Glass, Electronics, Chemicals, and Ceramics.

Under its AGC plus 2.0 management policy, the AGC Group has positioned its Life Science business as one of its strategic growth areas. AGC Si-Tech is managed as part of the Life Science business alongside AGC’s biopharmaceutical CDMO, small molecule pharmaceutical and agrochemical services.  The AGC Group will work with pharmaceutical companies and other various suppliers to the industry, contributing to the well-being of patients and the greater society as a whole.