Change in number of shares and votes in Mekonomen

Following the rights issue that Mekonomen AB (publ) (”Mekonomen” or the “Company”) has previously announced, the number of shares and votes in Mekonomen has changed during November 2018.

The shares subscribed for without the exercise of subscription rights have now been registered by the Swedish Companies Registration Office (“SCRO”). As a result, the total number of shares in Mekonomen has increased by 106,278 shares, corresponding to 106,278 votes.

As of 30 November 2018, the number of shares in Mekonomen amount to a total of 56,416,622. The number of votes in Mekonomen amounts, as per the same date, to a total of 56,416,622 votes.

For further information, please contact:

Pehr Oscarson, President & CEO Mekonomen AB,
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Åsa Källenius, CFO Mekonomen AB
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Helena Effert, IRO Mekonomen AB
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This information is information that Mekonomen AB (publ) is obliged to make public pursuant to the Financial Instruments Trading Act.The information was submitted for publication through Pehr Oscarson, at 8 a.m. on 30 November 2018. This press release will be published in Swedish and English. The Swedish version represents the original version and has been translated into English.

About Us

Mekonomen operates in the car aftermarket and consists of leading car service chains in Northern Europe with a proprietary wholesale operation, more than 460 branches and over 3,400 affiliated workshops operating under the Group’s brands. Through its branch network, Mekonomen Group offers affordable spare parts and accessories to the affiliated workshops, other workshops, other B2B customers, as well as car owners. Around 90 per cent of sales are business to business, where 80 per cent of the orders are digital. The largest business to business customers are affiliated workshops operating under the Group´s concepts AutoMester, BilXtra, Din Bilpartner, Meca Car Service, Mekonomen Bilverkstad, O.K. Serwis, Speedy and others. The Group operates through four business areas – FTZ with operations in Denmark, Inter-Team with operations in Poland, MECA/Mekonomen with operations in Norway and Sweden and Sørensen og Balchen with operations in Norway.