Lasingoo launched in Norway, the search engine for workshop services is now available to Norwegian car owners. As in Sweden, Norwegians can compare and book workshop services at fixed prices. More than 900 Norwegian workshops are included in the launch from the start.

Lasingoo will modernise the process of workshop booking for Norwegian car owners, with availability around the clock, bookable times directly on the screen and fixed prices for car service.

“Our consumer survey shows that demand for online booking is high among car owners. Customers are used to ordering products and services online. The travel and hotel industry essentially offers exclusively online booking. Lasingoo will simplify the meeting between the workshop and customer and is a major step in making the Norwegian workshop industry more modern”, says Petter Torp, Managing Director of Lasingoo Norway.

At the launch, more than 900 bookable workshops from Meca Car Service, MekoPartner, Mekonomen Service Centre and BilXtra Workshops will be included on

“We are developing our offering based on customers’ needs and requirements. As a leading player in the Nordic region, we will drive the development and digitisation of services and products in the industry. After the successful launch in Sweden, it is now time for Norwegians to benefit from tomorrow’s way of booking workshop services”, says Marcus Larsson, Executive Vice President of Mekonomen Group.

In Sweden, was launched in 2014 and car owners have begun to use the service regularly. The next step in Sweden is to add booking of vehicle inspections. In Norway, vehicle inspections are conducted at standard vehicle workshops, meaning that this service is already included from the start. In the future, Lasingoo will also be able to include services from sectors other than workshops.

“The areas of application for will be expanded. In the long-term, customers will be able to order other types of services, in addition to workshop services. We will open the door to cooperation inside and outside the workshop industry. However, we are starting with workshop services”, says Petter Torp.

For more information, please contact:

Marcus Larsson, Executive Vice President of Mekonomen Group
Tel: +46 (0) 8 464 00 00, E-mail:

Petter Torp, Managing Director of Lasingoo Norway
Tel: +47 (0) 9097 13 27, E-mail:

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