Mekonomen Group to invest in heavy workshop equipment in Norway

Workshop group, Mekonomen Group, is expanding its Norwegian operations and investing in heavy workshop equipment. The business will start up during the first half of 2016 and will target vehicle workshops in the Norwegian market.

Heavy equipment became a new business for Mekonomen Group following MECA’s acquisition of Opus Equipment in July 2015. The business started in Sweden in autumn 2015 and is now entering the Norwegian market. The venture entails a complete, nationwide sales and service network for heavy workshop equipment in Norway. The objective is to attract workshops among the more than 900 franchise workshops existing in Mekonomen Group in Norway, but also among other workshops in the market.

“We have had a successful start to the business in Sweden and see great potential in the Norwegian market. We are already active in heavy equipment to a small extent in a variety of locations. By consolidating the businesses and adding the expertise existing in Opus Equipment, we will have a unique, comprehensive offering to all vehicle workshops in Norway,” says Pehr Oscarson, Managing Director of MECA Scandinavia.

Bjørnar Fjeld has been recruited as President of the two Norwegian sales and service companies that will be started to operate the business. Bjørnar has previously worked at Bosch and most recently at Automotek, which sells tools and consumable supplies to workshops in Norway.

“Bjørnar has extensive experience in products, suppliers and particularly customers from his many years at Bosch where he frequently worked with the Norwegian companies in Mekonomen Group. We look forward to working with him in this key strategic area,” says Frank Bekken (Managing Director of Mekonomen Norway), Morten Birkenland (Managing Director of Sørensen og Balchen) and Torhild Barlaup (Managing Director of MECA Norway) in a joint statement.

For further information, please contact:

Marcus Larsson, Executive Vice President of Mekonomen Group
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Pehr Oscarson, Managing Director of MECA Scandinavia
Tel: +46 40 671 60 60 E-mail:

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