First half of the year favourable to Metsä-Botnia

Solid demand for pulp and favourable price development speeded up
Metsä-Botnia's result in the first half of the year. Turnover grew by over 50
per cent in comparison to the similar period of last year and resulted EUR 667
million (EUR 438 million in 1999). The operating profit grew to EUR 220 million
(EUR 9,7 million). 

The capacity utilisation rates at the mills were high, even though the result
for the second quarter of the year was somewhat affected by strikes and
maintenance stoppages during Midsummer. The effect of the strikes on the result
was EUR 19 million. 

The brisk demand is reflected by the fact that at the end of June, the Norscan
producer inventories amounted to 1,1, million tonnes which is clearly below
normal. In the beginning of July, the price of softwood pulp rose to USD 710
per tonne, and the price of hardwood pulp to EUR 730. 

Metsä-Botnia Group's result for 2000 is expected to improve considerably from
the result of the previous year. 

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Metsä Metsä Fibre is a leading producer of bioproducts, biochemicals and bioenergy. Metsä Fibre is the world’s leading producer of bleached softwood pulp and a major producer of sawn timber. Currently employing approximately 1,300 people, the company’s sales in 2019 totalled EUR 2.2 billion. Metsä Fibre is part of Metsä Group.