Metsäliitto prepares to adjust sawmill operations

Metsäliitto Wood Products Industry, Press release 23 November 2010
Metsäliitto Wood Products Industry will launch statutory labour negotiations at
all of its operational sawmills in Finland. The negotiations address the plan
to limit, if necessary, the production of single sawmills through temporary
layoffs for some weeks by the end of September 2011. 
The notice given today concerning negotiations covers a total of about 450
employees at six sawmills. 

”Possible production restrictions are due to productive and financial reasons,
such as the oversupply resulting from the increased production of sawn timber
in the major producer countries as well as week demand,” says Timo Karinen,
Senior Vice President, responsible for Solid Wood of Metsäliitto Wood Products
Industry. Production restrictions have already been implemented at Metsäliitto
Wood Product Industry's sawmills during current year. 

Metsäliitto has sawmills in Kannus, Lappeenranta, Merikarvia, Pöytyä, Renko and
Vilppula and in Reopalu, Estonia. Operations at the Karihaara sawmill in Kemi
have previously been suspended until further notice. Their combined capacity is
about 1.8 million cubic metres of spruce and pine sawn timber. 

Further information: 
Senior Vice President Timo Karinen, Solid Wood, Metsäliitto Wood Products
Industry, Finnforest, tel. +358 10 465 4173 
Olga van Iterson, Communication Manager, Metsäliitto Wood Products Industry,
Finnforest, tel. +358 10 465 4684

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