Earlier announced directed share issue to Nordic Tech House AB registered at the Swedish Companies Registrations Office

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NextCell Pharma AB ("NextCell") hereby announces that the directed share issue to Nordic Tech House AB (”NTH”) has been registered at the Swedish Companies Registrations Office (Bolagsverket). The newly issued shares are under lock-up.

In total, 260 100 shares have been issued at a subscription price of SEK 5.767 per share, equivalent to 2.3 percent of votes and capital in NXTCL. The shares will be settled retrospectively. After the registration at the Swedish Companies Registrations Office, the total amount of shares in NXTCL are 11 486 456 and the share capital is SEK 2 354 723,48. NTH has entered into a lock up agreement which commits the company to retain 100 percent of its holding in NXTCL during the contract period, which expires on March 13th, 2020.

Short summary of NTH

NTH is an accelerator company with focus on companies in the start-up phase. The company invests in entrepreneurial companies and helps them in their digital journey towards market launch. The company can assist with capital, assist with business development, assist with a Go-to-Market plan and assist with digital sales.

The collaboration between NXTCL and NTH means that NTH will be responsible for NXTCL’s total digital presence over a two-year period, with a specific focus on the family-saving of stem cells offered to prospective parents through the Cellaviva brand. Isabella Löwengrip, one of the co-owners of NTH, will raise awareness regarding both stem cells in general and the family-saving of stem cells through their communication channels.

Isabella Löwengrip, co-founder of NTH, comments:

"Stem cells provide hope that in the future serious diseases can be cured. It feels important and exciting to participate in NXTCL's journey and to help raise awareness regarding the family-saving of stem cells. "

Viktor Lundqvist, CEO of NTH, comments:

"NTH strongly believes in NXTCL and Cellaviva. Together with NXTCL, we will create a targeted approach with the goal of raising awareness about the family-saving of stem cells. Being able to enter as a shareholder at this early stage creates great conditions for value development and I am confident that our cooperation will be a success. "

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About NextCell Pharma AB:

Stem cells are expected to change the way how many of today's life-threatening diseases are treated. NextCell Pharma AB develops ProTrans, a drug candidate consisting of stem cells for the primary treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases as well as for use in kidney transplants. ProTrans consists of selected stem cells derived from the umbilical cord tissue with NextCell Pharma AB's proprietary method. In addition, the company has a service called Cellaviva, Sweden's first and only IVO-approved stem cell bank for the family-saving of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue.


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