Nexus Produces Smart Cards for Digital Tachographs

Nexus Produces Smart Cards for Digital Tachographs Nexus have received an order from the Swedish National Road Administration (SNRA) to build a smart card system for digital Tachographs. The smart cards are intended for four different users; the driver, the transporting company, the garage and the controlling authority. The purchase is based on rules for digital tachographs issued by the European Authorities. From the 5th August 2004 all new manufactured buses and heavy vehicles must, within the EU, use digital tachographs. On a long term basis, the digital Tachographs are expected to replace all actual models in greater Europe. The digital tachographs are implemented to monitor and improve observance of European rules regarding driving and resting regulations. The working environment of the driver is improved as well as the traffic security. The competitive conditions of the transporting companies will also be fairer. The information is stored on a smart card, a Tachograph Card. The Tachograph Card is one of the main components in the Tachograph System, with functions for storing information and enabling digital signing of tachographic data. SNRA's order to Nexus includes: · The technical solution for manufacturing of Tachograph Card, comprising hardware and installation · Service and support · Education The technical solution aims to control and sign information stored in the Tachograph System. The Tachograph Card is finally produced on a Card Printer System. Nexus is responsible for developing the system, which is based on actual components and Nexus solutions for Certificate Management. The delivery is made in collaboration with All Card Service Center (ACSC) who delivers the Card Printing System as a subcontractor to Nexus. -"This is very exciting for Nexus as it is one of the first solutions based on PKI-technology expected to get a wide impact in Europe as a system standard", says Gustaf Malmros, Executive Vice President and Business Area Manager of Nexus. For further information, please contact: Gustaf Malmros, Executive Vice President of Nexus and Business Area Manager, Secured Business Solutions, Technology Nexus AB, telephone +46 70 594 4358, e-mail: Mats Gjöthlén, Key Account Manager, Secured Business Solutions, Technology Nexus AB, phone: +46 708-25 00 03, e-mail: Anders Åhrman, Project Manager SNRA, phone: +46 70 556 36 55 About Nexus Secured Business Solutions Within the field of secured IT solutions, Nexus has gathered expertise in business and operations systems, PKI-based solutions, and secured messaging. Through the combination of our expertise and experience in secured solutions for electronic business transactions, electronic services, message management, and electronic IDs, we have a unique ability to create the right security solutions based on our clients' needs. We deliver solutions and products such as Nexus Multi ID server, Nexus Digital ID products (SmartTust) and Secured Messaging. See also or Facts about Technology Nexus AB Technology Nexus AB develops and delivers software and services that allow businesses to have more open IT communication with their own customers, while protecting important and valuable information. Whether managing subscriber identities and digital signatures or delivering secure messaging, Nexus safeguards customers' transactions and communication channels and improves their profitability. Nexus works with the end-customer market, and as a development partner with customers with high demands on security and quality. Nexus has about 450 employees, with regional offices across Sweden in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala, Umeå, Karlstad, Västerås, Örebro and Borlänge. International offices are in Copenhagen, Hamburg, Paris, London, Madrid and New Jersey, USA. Our head office is in Linköping, Sweden. Find more information at E-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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