#19-644 Listing of Tracker certificate issued by XBT Provider AB (publ)

As from March 22, 2019, 1 Tracker certificate issued by XBT Provider AB (publ) will be listed on ETP Sweden and will be included on the list for Certificates. The instrument will be registered at Euroclear Sweden AB.

Issuer: XBT Provider AB (publ)

Type of security: Tracker certificate, open ended

Execution: Automatic cash settlement

Term: As from March 22, 2019 and forward or until time for knock out event

Market Maker: Mangold



Current values of strike and barrier can be found at:

[ NGM Market Data Web - TrackerCertificates ]

For more details see attached file.

For further information concerning this NGM notice please contact:

Listing on +46 8 566 390 20 or at listings@ngm.se

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