Best German Paysafecard Casinos: pay safely in DE

Online casinos in Germany accept a variety of payment options. A particular type of casino deposit is via Paysafecard-code. This payment variant is mainly used by users who want to protect their privacy, i.e., prefer a certain degree of anonymity. In this review, I have taken a closer look at the best DE Paysafecard casinos for you. Moreover, you will learn all the relevant things about the deposit process, the limits, fees, and the Paysafecard Casino Bonuses.

I have also put the best DE Paysafecard online casinos of 2021 on my top list. All online casinos on the list are safe and reputable. Not only do they offer payment via Paysafecard, but they also have numerous other advantages, ranging from the top game offers to attractive deposit bonuses and professional customer service.

The Best Paysafecard Casinos for Germany

  1. πŸ₯‡ Locowin βœͺ Best German Paysafecard Casino
  2. 🎁 Wayamba βœͺ Top DE Paysafecard Bonus
  3. πŸš€ Sugar Casino βœͺ Fastest Paysafecard Payments
  4. πŸ“ˆ Vulkan Vegas βœͺ Best Payout Rates
  5. 🎰 Kingbilly βœͺ Wide range of games
  6. πŸ†• Vegadream βœͺ Top New Paysafe Casino
πŸ₯‡ Best Paysafe Casino in DE Locowin
🀡 Best Live Casino Kingbilly
🎁 Best DE Paysafecard Bonus Wazamba
πŸ†• Top New Casino Vegadream
πŸ“± Best Mobile Casino Sugar Casino
πŸ’° Top Payment limits Vulkan Vegas

This Is How Payments with Paysafecard Work in DE Casinos

But what is Paysafecard? It’s a classic prepaid payment method. You buy a code that acts as online cash and can be used to pay at casinos and other online businesses. The huge plus is that all your personal data remains under lock and key. You do not have to submit any account or credit card details to the online casino.

The Paysafe payment service provider also does not need any information from you. You buy the codes from a stationary partner (or online via the Paysafecard homepage). It is the digital equivalent of pushing cash across the table and receiving your Paysafe code in return. It is precisely this anonymity that makes Paysafecard what it is.

It is true, and I do not want to hide it at this point, that, in order to prevent fraud and money laundering, German legislation has increasingly restricted Paysafecard limits in recent years. Furthermore, the new German gambling treaty has brought severe restrictions; in casinos that have applied for a German license, a deposit is only possible via MyPaysafecard. I will introduce you to this particular account and how it works later.

Online Casino Paysafecard Deposit

However, I will stick to the classic DE online casino Paysafecard deposit for the time being. You have, in a certain sense, to do some groundwork. In this case, you must purchase the Paysafe code, which consists of 16 digits. When buying, there is a wide variety of options. In Germany, Paysafecard is available in the following denominations:

  • 5 Euro
  • 10 Euro
  • 25 Euro
  • 50 Euro
  • 100 Euro

In other countries, such as Austria, limits are handled even more generously, as Paysafecard has adapted its sales offer to the legislation of the individual countries.

The second step – i.e., the actual deposit at a Paysafecard Casino – is straightforward. You simply select the payment method in the transfer offer, enter the amount you wish to deposit, and then your code once more. That’s all there is to do. The Casino Paysafecard deposit will be credited to your player account within a few seconds.

Withdrawals with Paysafecard

Usually, no payout via Paysafecard is possible in german online casinos. Prepaid methods cannot be used for withdrawals. The best and most reputable online providers all work according to the closed-cash cycle model. In practice, there is only one alternative – the classic bank transfer. So, you can see that on a Paysafecard Casino Deposit, the payout is made via bank transfer.

Practically speaking, this results in two minor disadvantages for you. First, the desired anonymity is lost as you must provide your bank details. Secondly, you have to expect a slightly longer processing or accounting period.

An exception can be made for casino payouts via Paysafecard; namely, if you have a MyPaysafecard account or if you have registered on the payment provider’s website, you can receive money. In this case, the function is comparable to a conventional e-wallet. This variant is not really that bad from my point of view. The company also offers a prepaid Paysafecard MasterCard. In this case, you can then access your balance (paid casino winnings) directly via ATM in the world.

Cash out with Paysafecard via Paysafecard

Fees & Costs

The purchase and use of the Paysafecard can basically be considered free of charge. More in detail: if you want to buy a prepaid code worth 50 euros at the gas station, you pay 50 euros in cash. At an online casino, there are also no fees for you on behalf of the financial service provider.

So, does Paysafecard not earn any money? It’s not like that. The provider who accepts Paysafecard payments, in our case the online casino, is always charged a fee. In my experience, costs are not low, so there can always be a catch for you in the form of some Paysafecard casinos passing these expenses on to players. Deposit fees from 2.5% to 5.0% are not uncommon. You should always research carefully before making a deposit in order not to experience nasty surprises. Still, the best DE Paysafecard casinos in the gambling scene do not charge any tee-offs, i.e., work for you free of charge. The majority of Paysafecard Casino deposits are therefore free of charge.

Online Casino with Paysafecard Bonus: The Best Deals

Moving on in my test on the German Paysafecard Online Casino Bonus. Which rewards can you expect, and what special features do you have to consider while using the prepaid method? First, I would like to point out that Paysafe deposits are considered qualifying in almost all online casinos. This means that your deposit will bring the desired bonus if the bonus is activated.

Still, you should be careful. In my experience, there are only a handful of providers who refuse prepaid options as a valid payment method to qualify for a new customer bonus. Although refusal is with Paysafecard less frequent than with Skrill and Neteller, it can still occur. I am talking about some online gambling libraries which are certainly not up to par with the best Paysafecard casinos on the market. If a provider wants to land at the top of my ranking, the bonus is decisive in my quality grade.

Below, I am going to illustrate how the Paysafecard bonus works.

Bonus for 5 Euro Paysafecard Casino Deposit

If you only want to leave 5 euros at checkout via Paysafe code, it will be a bit tough in terms of bonuses. In my experience, you can count the number of available offers on one hand. Why? As a rule, 5 euros are not sufficient for a bonus-qualifying deposit. In most cases, a minimum of 10 euros is required for a bonus. If 5 euros are sufficient, it is usually matched by a 100% equivalent bonus, resulting in the following initial invoice.

  • Deposit: 5 Euro
  • Bonus: 100%
  • Bonus amount: 5 Euro
  • Starting credit: 10 Euro

Bonus for a 10 Euro Paysafecard Casino Deposit

Much more frequent is a bonus for a 10 Euro Paysafecard Casino deposit. A plus is the fact that this small amount is usually enough to unlock additional free spins. Free spins are available from the online casinos as an extra service on top of the regular deposit bonus. You can get up to 200 free spins for a 10 Euro deposit in the best Paysafecard casinos.

Furthermore, you should know that numerous online game libraries are mainly dedicated to recreational players. This means that small deposits are pushed with a relatively high bonus. Low contributions bring you a high, additional game capital. In fact, a 200% or 400% extra bonus is not uncommon. I have illustrated the Paysafecard casino bonus models for 10 euro deposits in the following table.

100% Welcome Bonus
  • Deposit: 10 Euro
  • Bonus: 100%
  • Bonus amount: 10 Euro
  • Starting credit: 20 Euro
200% Welcome Bonus
  • Deposit: 10 Euro
  • Bonus: 200%
  • Bonus amount: 20 Euro
  • Starting credit: 30 Euro
300% Welcome Bonus
  • Deposit: 10 Euro
  • Bonus: 300%
  • Bonus amount: 30 Euro
  • Starting credit: 40 Euro
400% Welcome Bonus
  • Deposit: 10 Euro
  • Bonus: 400%
  • Bonus amount: 40 Euro
  • Starting credit: 50 Euro

Higher Casino Bonuses After Paysafecard Deposit

Of course, you can also get a higher casino welcome bonus with your Paysafecard online casino deposit. In practice, however, it will be a bit difficult for German players at this point due to code-purchase limits. You can’t deposit more than 100 euros at the casino checkout in one go. Your bonus volume is limited. And it is also fruitless to redeem several Paysafe codes one after the other, as only the first deposit allows you to receive the welcome bonus. It is always worthwhile for you to calculate precisely in advance. The ideal scenario for you would be if, for instance, the Casino operator offered a 300% deposit bonus of up to 300 euros. You could then exhaust the entire bonus sum with a Paysafecard code of 100 euros. Specifically:

  • Deposit: 100 Euro
  • Bonus: 300%
  • Bonus amount: 300 Euro
  • Starting credit: 400 Euro

However, in my review, I maintain that Paysafecard is not an ideal payment method for a player with high roller ambitions.

The Paysafecard Casino Bonus quality

Paysafecard here, and Paysafecard there. When evaluating the welcome bonus, the payment method and the financial orientation of the new customer reward are only one side of the coin. I think it is much more important that Fairness is shown. Specifically, this means that the casino bonus must have low, simple wagering requirements. In the case of the rating of the Paysafecard Casino Bonus, there are several factors at play. The four main points from my point of view are:

  • Rollover: How many times does the bonus have to be wagered?
  • Game contribution: Which games are included and with what percentage each?
  • Betting limit: Which game limit must be observed when fulfilling the requirements?
  • Timeline: Within what deadline are the wagering requirements to be met?

New Paysafecard Casinos in Germany

Of course, the list of the best online casinos that accept Paysafecard changes all the time. Why? Easy. There are always new Paysafecard casinos. There are hardly any gambling offers in Central Europe that refuse Paysafe payments. From my point of view, however, it is true that when choosing the new Paysafecard Casino, you do not only pay attention to the deposit method itself. You have to check in advance other quality criteria of online Paysafecard casinos, for example:

  • Game offer: Are all desired games available? Is the casino provider well positioned in all game areas? Are there enough slot machines, table and card games, video poker machines, and a live casino? Which providers are behind the games? What is the payout percentage of the games?
  • Customer service: How and when is customer service available? Are the employees knowledgeable and German-speaking? Is there an additional FAQ menu on the website with the most important information?
  • Bonus: Will I receive a no deposit casino bonus at the start, i.e., a free starting balance or free spins? What regular welcome bonus is offered? Does the bonus extend over several deposits? Which promo offers are available for regular customers? Are the bonus conditions of the online casino fair?
  • Website and app: Are the casino portal and the app visually appealing? Is the operator guidance self-explanatory? Do I need to download a casino app, or can I play via a mobile website?
  • Seriousness: Is the seriousness of the online casino unequivocal? Do they own a valid gambling license? Is the online casino provider a member of national or international associations? Has the casino already received prizes and honors?

Important Information About Using Paysafecard in DE Online Casinos

In the following paragraphs, I want to be a little more practical. I have put together some helpful information about Paysafecard concerning online casinos.


As I said before, you can buy the Paysafecard online. However, if you want to maintain some sort of anonymity as a player, you’ll likely opt for the typical in-store purchase. You can buy the codes in numerous supermarkets, gas stations, or kiosks. In the following table, you can find some Paysafecard partners.

Aldi Aral Avia Deutsche Post
Edeka Esso K Kiosk Media Markt
Netto Netto Nord /Schwarz OMV Penny
Rewe Rossmann Saturn Shell
Total Westlotto Westfalen

By the way, you can also enter your location Paysafecard website to find the Paysafecard retailers in your vicinity.

Everything About Payment-Provider Fees

As I already mentioned, payment providers pay no fee on online casino transactions. However, some casino operators charge part of the costs to the players.

Moreover, there can be “hidden” fees connected to the use of a Paysafecard, with which the buyer usually does not come into contact. A provision fee of 3 euros will be charged from the seventh month after purchase if the code hasn’t been used. If you have an account under MyPaysafecard and do not use it, you must pay a 2 euros fee starting on the 13th month onward.

If you want, you can exchange your Paysafecard code for cash, but you have to dig deep into your pocket at this point.

Regardless of the amount, 7.50 euros will be deducted from the balance. If you have a 10 Euro Paysafe code, you would practically only receive 2.50 Euro. It makes more sense to simply deposit the amount again in the online casino.

Also, remember that the payment service provider charges a conversion fee for currency exchanges. For instance, if your casino account is in dollars and you deposit with a Paysafe Pin Code in Euros, you’ll have to expect additional costs. According to my experience, the expenses are displayed clearly during the transfer.

German Paysafecard Limits

The maximum limit for your Paysafecard Casino deposit is always the code value. It is not possible to make higher deposits without buying a new code. Furthermore, the 100 euros limit, which I have already mentioned several times, applies in Germany. When you pick the payment method in online casinos, you will see that codes are usually accepted up to 1,000 euros.

However, this limit is practically irrelevant for the German players, as a maximum payout limit of 15,000 euros applies for MyPaysafecard accounts.

Mobile Payments with the Paysafecard - Via App and Website

Mobility is becoming increasingly important for Paysafecard online casinos. This applies not only to the game offers but also to the Payment methods. In my experience, you can easily complete your deposit via smartphone or tablet with the Paysafe prepaid card. The Paysafecard payments do not differ from the transactions on the home PC. The practical procedure is identical. It also does not matter whether the casino provider relies on a mobile website or a classic app; you can use Paysafecard codes in both mobile versions. The best providers on the market today all rely on the optimized homepage versions.

By the way, the financial service provider can come up with its own apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android, but it isn’t really necessary to download them. When paying via smartphone on mobile, you will automatically be redirected to the Paysafecard mobile website. If you want a little more service and, as a player, also use the payment method for other online businesses, you can definitely opt for uploading the app.

Pay and play with Paysafecard on mobile.

The MyPaysafecard Account

I would like to return to the MyPaysafecard account, which I have already mentioned several times. How does it work, and who needs it? The MyPaysafecard registration is only important for players who choose a German online casino. It works similarly to an e-wallet, and you must enter your complete personal data when registering.

The main difference to a classic e-wallet is that you top up the MyPaysafecard account by purchasing a prepaid code. Afterward, you can use your entire balance and, for example, make a higher deposit in the online casino. The advantages of the MyPaysafecard variant, in my opinion, are:

  • Paysafecard Casino withdrawal option
  • Paysafecard MasterCard availability
  • Possibility to deposit higher amounts
  • Accepted by German Online Casinos

Step By Step Paysafecard Instructions

In the following paragraph, I want to show you in detail the steps needed to make a deposit with the prepaid card. The process is the same for all the best Paysafecard online casinos. In these instructions, I assume that you have purchased a valid Paysafe code in advance and have a player account in an online casino.

  1. Log in to Paysafecard Casino with your user details (player name + password).
  2. Then switch to the checkout area and select the menu item “Deposit.”
  3. Select Paysafecard as the payment method.
  4. Enter the amount and start the actual transfer process.
  5. You will be redirected to the website of the financial service provider.
  6. Enter your 16-digit Paysafe Pin Code here and confirm the casino deposit.
  7. You will then be automatically redirected to the casino provider menu. The deposited amount will be credited immediately and will be available to stake.

Note: You can activate your Paysafecard Casino Bonus during the first deposit if you are a new customer. Usually, the reward can be unlocked with one click. Having to enter a classic bonus code, in the literal sense, is a very rare occurrence.

The Company Behind the Paysafecard

This payment method was developed at the turn of the millennium in Vienna. Back then, Paysafe Wertkarten GmbH was behind the offer. They are still the legal trademark owner today. The minds behind the financial services provider are Armin Sageder (first CEO), Michael Müller, Reinhard Eilmsteiner and Michael Altrichter. In the early years, when you purchased the pin codes, you literally received a prepaid card comparable to phone cards. Later there was further development. Today, the codes are printed on the receipt.

Over the years, the company itself has become a global leader in prepaid payment methods. The Paysafecard is now available in over 50 countries at over 650,000 retailers. Business is conducted in 27 languages. You can get your Paysafe codes in 31 currencies. Over 176 million transactions are processed per year.

Of course, the company’s success has attracted other big players to the market. In 2013, Paysafe Wertkarten GmbH was taken over by the British financial services provider Skrill. During this process, the offer was merged with Ukash, and the once British main opponent was won from the market. Two years later, the complete, new company was bought by the Optimal Payments Group, owner of Neteller. Since then, the new financial holding company has operated on the market under the name Paysafe Group Plc and unites Skrill, Neteller, and Paysafecard, combining the most relevant online casino payment methods. Legally responsible for the prepaid payment method itself is Paysafe Prepaid Services Limited, which operates within the EU with a permit from the Central Bank of Ireland.

Paysafecard Casino Scam Test: Information on Security & Anonymity

How secure are Paysafe Pin Codes? My opinion is obvious; It doesn’t get any safer than that. Paysafecard’s proof of purchase has the same value as cash to you. No other user knows your Paysafe number and can use it. You don’t have to provide any private data. Of course, I don’t want to conceal the fact that precisely this anonymity also has a certain disadvantage: If you lose the code, your balance is gone. It is impossible to create a new prepaid code. The owner of the Paysafecard is always the person who can currently access the sequence of numbers.

Looking at the Paysafecard under the lens of online casinos, the topic of anonymity is a little more nuanced. You must truthfully provide your personal information with every casino registration. If this does not happen, there will be problems at the latest with the payout. Any reputable online casino provider will check the identity of the players before their first winnings-withdrawal. You have to pass the legitimation check successfully. You will be checked using a photo ID and via a recent address confirmation. Furthermore, I would like to emphasize again that you must provide your bank account details when withdrawing via bank transfer as it must always be your own bank account.

If you plan a Paysafecard Casino scam, you can carry it out to a certain extent but will ultimately fail and hit a wall. It is, of course, possible to open a casino account with made-up data and an anonymous e-mail address, deposit with a Paysafecard pin and play for real money. If you lose, the above-mentioned things aren’t as bad, but if you win, you are literally done: You cannot request a withdrawal because you cannot prove your identity.

Advantages of the Paysafecard in Germany

In the following list, I have put together the advantages of playing at an online casino with Paysafecard:

  • Fast and direct balance crediting
  • Effortless payment processing
  • Personal data remains safe and secure
  • Players are given anonymity
  • Usually qualifies for bonus programs
  • Free of charge in many online casinos
  • Accepted in almost all casinos

Disadvantages of Paysafecard in Germany

However, I also don’t want to sweep the disadvantages of using the Paysafecard in online casinos under the rug.

  • Only small deposits are possible. It is thus not suitable for high rollers
  • No withdrawals possible
  • Pre-purchase of prepaid codes required

Paysafecard Alternatives for German Players

In my experience, the Paysafecard in online casinos is the most important prepaid payment method for Central European gaming providers. However, this market leader is no longer alone in the field. Other companies specialize in prepaid transactions, for example:

  • Cashtocode
  • Neosurf
  • Cashlib

However, the fact is that no one comes close to the Paysafe Group.


Another important payment sector for online casinos is e-wallets. In Germany, PayPal has lost almost all its meaning. The top e-wallet offers come from Skrill, Neteller, and EcoPayz. eZeeWallet and MiFinity are also up-and-coming. If you want to use an e-wallet for your casino deposits, you have to open a virtual account with the financial service provider and add a balance. The decisive advantage of e-wallets is that they may generally be used for casino payouts.


So, more of a deposit trend in virtual gambling is cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dogecoin, and similar methods are on the rise. Some surveys have even shown that one in four players has already made a cryptocurrency deposit.

It is essential to differentiate at this point. There are real crypto casinos where you can also play (and win) Bitcoin & Co, whereas other online casinos only recognize cryptocurrencies as payment methods, as the amount is always converted into a fiat currency.

Cryptocurrencies as a Paysafecard alternative in Online Casinos.

Classic Payment Methods

The classic payment methods include, first and foremost, Visa, MasterCard, and occasionally also Diners Club credit cards. Very often, you can also use the simple Maestro bank card for deposits, as it uses the same payment system as MasterCard.

Almost all online casinos accept deposits via bank transfer. In practice, however, nearly all casinos are handled with a direct booking system – i.e., real-time booking. The market leaders in Germany include Klarna, Sofort, Trustly, GiroPay, and Rapid Transfer.

Conclusion: Using Paysafecard in German Online Casinos Is Safe and Easy

Any recreational player who chooses Paysafecard as their payment method in online casinos will certainly not go wrong. The deposits arrive on the player’s account in no time. However, you should make sure in advance that deposits are a) free of charge and b) recognized as bonus-qualifying. A point in favor of Paysafe codes is also the fact that they are accepted by almost all online casinos on the market. Those looking for the disadvantage will argue that the transfer method (apart from the MyPaysafecard variant) cannot be used to withdraw.

However, you will find other german casino guides with payment options that also allow payouts.

The security aspect is particularly positive: You can enjoy at least partial anonymity. Much of your sensitive data remains under lock and key. From a technical point of view, the payment process at the online casino checkout could not be safer. Behind the Paysafecard is a verified and approved payment service provider that has proven its seriousness in the past two decades.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Casinos With Paysafe in DE

Finally, I have put together some frequently asked questions about the use of Paysafecard in online casinos in the FAQ area.

Can I Use Paysafe in Any Online Casino?

According to my experience, the question can almost be answered with a “yes.” Very few online providers do not accept the prepaid payment method in Central Europe, i.e., the German-speaking umbrella region. The best online casinos that accept Paysafecard are on my top list.

Can I Use Paysafe in Any Online Casino?

In an online casino that works with an EU license or other international approval, deposits can easily be made without a Paysafecard account. The processing at the cash register is well known. An exception is Casino providers who have applied for a German license. In German online game libraries, the previous account with a financial service provider is a mandatory prerequisite for the deposit.

Are There Paysafe Casinos With a 10 Euro Deposit and 100 Percent Welcome Bonus?

Not one online casino accepts Paysafecard and offers you a 100% casino bonus for a 10 Euro deposit; rather, countless providers offer such an option. In my experience, the reason is obvious. 10 euros is usually the minimum qualifying deposit for a matching bonus, and 100% is the default value for a bonus in the gambling world.

Can a Paysafecard Be Redeemed Without an Account?

No. Of course, you have to book your player account in advance in the DE online casinos. Only when you have your so-called Betting Account can you use the Paysafecards codes to deposit. In the so-called Pay’n’Play Casinos, aka game providers that don’t require account registration, deposits are only possible with Trustly.

Which Online Casinos Accept Paysafecard?

In my experience, Paysafe payments are accepted by any reputable german online casino provider who works with an EU license from Malta or has a permit from Curacao.