Best Bingo Sites in the UK: Top 10 Online Bingo Websites For Fun & Win

Partaking in games of chance is nothing new, and people have been doing so for centuries. However, one of the most popular games played today, especially in the UK, is Bingo. Bingo is a game of chance that has found a new following on the internet and remains popular among many players. But what is Bingo all about?


For those who are new to the game or have never played it before, Bingo is what we call a probability game. The first person to mark off all the card numbers they have wins the contest. It is called a probability game or a game of chance because it requires no skills on the player's part to win since no participant has any influence over the card they get.

Top 10 Bingo Sites in the UK

In this section, we want to review 10 of the best bingo sites UK. Bearing in mind that these sites have been vetted and are authentic sites. They all have gaming licenses and have a massive online following. Here we go!

Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo is one of the most popular online Bingo sites in the UK. This platform had a wide selection of themed games, with Coronation Street Bingo being the most popular one of all. The slots in Gala Bingo are many and well varied, and since 2005, it has developed quite a good reputation among players, especially in the UK. Gala used to work in tandem with other game houses and bingo clubs in selected cities, but by 2018, it went online fully. Operated by Entain, Gala Bingo players enjoy games like Bingo Beats, Coronation Street Bingo, and TV Specials. The user interface is top-notch, and you can navigate from one page to another easily as all the bottoms and control keys seem to be in the right places. Funding and withdrawals can also be done using different methods. With Gala, you can Bingo Like a Boss.

Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo is another popular online bingo site for UK players. This site has as many as 16 Bingo rooms, and each room has a unique theme and set of unique offers. In addition, players can participate in the monthly mystery box to win excellent prizes and many other social offers. For a decade and a half, this platform had been operating, making it one of the most authentic and trusted sites for players.  One exciting feature of Foxy is its single guaranteed number payout which rewards players who guess the right number. The site is owned and managed by Entain and has done so since 2018.

Cheeky Bingo

Cheeky Bingo was founded in 1997 by ElectraWorks LTD, which is a Gibraltar-based betting company. However, in 2006, they adopted the names Cheeky Bingo and the platform holds a British Gambling Commission license. On Cheeky Bingo, you will find about 15 bingo rooms with different ball games, from 90-ball to 30-ball games.  Furthermore, players stand to win different cash prizes ranging from £20 to huge jackpots like £15,000.

Many have come to like the platform for its attractive interface and affordable ticket ls that can be as low as 2 pence. Then there is the prize pool which increases the potential winning prize as more players join the pool. In some cases, especially during weekends, a single pool may attain a winning prize of £500 as more players join the pool. The only downside with Cheeky Bingo is that they don't have free deposit games, so you have to pay to play.

Swanky Bingo

Swanky Bingo is an online platform offering players the opportunity to win excellent prizes for their effort. Launched in 2005, it has withstood the competition and remained a mainstream platform since its creation. It used Jumpman Gaming which offers players a highly interactive and engaging platform. There are different types of games here, including Casino games too. One of the reasons why Swanky has remained popular is because it has different options. Also, there are varieties of games with special variants ranging from 90-ball games to 75-balls, 50-balls, and 39-balls. No matter your budget, there is a game for you from £0.01 games to games as high as £3000. All players are welcome to the platform regardless of their level of experience.

Dove Bingo

Dove Bingo is a platform launched in 2015 by Jumpman Gaming. This operator has more than 100 casinos and bingo brands, so despite its recent entrance into the market, the operator's reputation has been a good selling point. Operating under the auspices of the British Gambling Commission, your investment is safe and secure with this platform. The entire interface spots a dove theme with three basic ball games. First, there are the 75,80, and 90-ball bingo games. Dove Bingo is affordable, with tickets as low as 5 pence and lots of cash prizes to be won. The average bingo game pool attracts a maximum of 15 players, and the jackpots are pretty Standard. However, the golden jackpot prize is £10 million, which has become the holy grail of prizes on the platform. One of the most popular games on Dove that you should try out is Mega Millions Bingo.

Zeus Bingo

Zeus Bingo has a rich set of Casino, sport, and bingo games for all comers, making it one of the best betting sites in the UK. The gaming software on Zeus is one of the best we have seen because of its wide range of games. The structure of the platform is well thought out, and it is compatible with smartphone and desktop devices.  Jumpman Gaming provides gaming software and is the main site operator.

The site has exciting games like turbo reel games, 5-tier games, Turbo reels, cashback offers, and a special loyalty program to reward players who have used the site for a long time. As you win and accumulate points on Zeus, your profile improves, and you win prizes and bonuses.  There is also an active customer support channel to help you make the most of your gaming experience on the platform. You can also withdraw your winnings at shirt notice and without stress.

Pizazz Bingo

Pizzaz Bingo offers players three major variants like the 90-ball, 75-ball, and 52-ball bingo slots, so you are never short of options. One of the most popular games on the platform is the Deal or No Deal, which earns winners fantastic cash prizes. On Pizzazz, there is an exclusive list of slot collections you can select just in case you are looking for something new or different from the ordinary. Pizzazz doesn't need any downloads. As soon as you log onto the platform, you start playing. It has a friendly and attractive interface with a responsive customer service team that will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Bonnie Bingo

Bonnie Bingo is powered by Dragonfish and owned by the foremost UK gaming company, 888 UK Limited. This site has as many as 25 bingo rooms and three different bingo variants. There are also 550 exciting slot games with several payment options, so you will definitely find an option to make withdrawals and fund your account. Opened in 2021, Bonnie Bingo may not be as popular as other platforms in this review, but for the mere fact that it is owned by a reputable gaming platform, we expect great things. The minimum deposit is £ 10, and there are different wagering requirements like 4x bingo and 40 free spins. However, note that winnings are culled at £100, and free spins have a 7-day free trial expiration date.


If you are looking for one of the most innovative paypal bingo sites today, look no further than 888Ladies. The site is managed by 888 and runs on the Dragonfish software, which is one of the best online gaming software in the business. The red theme is fantastic, and the site navigation is excellent.  When you sign up, you receive a welcome bonus as well as a bonus when you make your first deposit. There are 90-ball and 75-ball bingo slots. Also, 888Ladies is enjoyable if you use the mobile app. If you choose to play on 88Ladies, consider playing the popular BFF, which is a point accumulator. You don't have to win to earn points. Rather you accumulate points every time you log onto the platform to play the game.

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo first started making waves by offering free games to players online. Then the managers pushed the brand further by doing aggressive online and TV marketing. One of the main attractions for players is the large jackpots they stand to win. Also, you can play the paid games with tickets as low as 50 pence which is great for players with a low budget or those who don't wish to risk a large amount. Some of the popular games on Wink include Smash it Saturday, Mystery Gems, Piece of Cake, Me Time, and Made it Monday. There are daily and weekend Jackpots as well as special VIP slots for high rollers.

What's more? Some of the jackpots can earn you as much as £50,000 if you are in luck. Wink also has a thriving online community of players that you can join to share your experience and learn from.

Bingo Games in the UK

In the UK, Bingo was formerly called "Housey-Housey" and became more popular after parliament passed the 1960 Betting and Gaming Act. This led to an increase in the number of Bingo game houses opened across the country until 2005, when the game started witnessing a decline in popularity and revenue. The drop has been attributed to

  • The emergence of online gambling sites

  • Ban on smoking in public places
  • High taxes

In the UK, the game is played with 90-ball Bingo which is different from the US version of 75-ball Bingo which is a slightly different ticket. It is also played in other countries and is called different names. For example, in India, it is called Tambola, while in Canada, it is called Kinzo.

The Bingo industry in the UK

The bingo gaming industry is a lucrative one and has been for years. According to the stats, it is a £910 million a year industry for 2020. This figure takes into account the volume of receipts accrued by online sites and physical bingo gaming centers. However, close to 70% of this amount is driven by bingo games played at gaming enters, but the rise in popularity of online bingo is the latest trend.

The pandemic of last year saw a sharp increase in the number of online players. Many of the websites we will review later in this guide saw a rise in the number of players last year during the lockdowns when people were home and could not leave their homes or engage in any meaningful work. Furthermore, social media websites have popularized the game, so many more people are aware of it and willing to play it online.

The Safety of Online Bingo

Not all bingo websites can be trusted, but the ones we will review in the US guide are. Playing bingo online is safe, but only if you use reliable and trusted bingo websites. Unfortunately, there are so many fake and criminal platforms that fleece unsuspecting players of their hard-earned money and promise healthy returns for winning but deliver next to nothing. Nobody ever wins on these platforms or if they do, withdrawing their winnings is impossible.

However, bingo sites that have licenses issued by the IK Gambling Commission and other regulatory agencies are authentic and will deliver payouts to winners who use their platforms.

Is Bingo a random game?

Bingo is a random game. By random, we mean that no entity: not even the website managers can influence who wins or loses. This is one grey area that has caused quite a lot of controversy about online bingo and why many are skeptical about playing it online. To this end, the regulatory agencies always ensure that the website managers use random number generators to select winners. In addition, legal platforms also have what we call an RTP estimator that tells you how much you can possibly win per game.

Bonuses available on Bingo sites

There are so many bonuses you can enjoy when you play bingo online. Bingo sites use these bonuses to attract new players and to keep old ones. They also use bonuses to encourage players to play more using their platforms as a means to stimulate sales. Some of the common bonuses you can enjoy on the platform include.

No deposit bonus: A No deposit bonus is a bonus you get when you open an account with the bingo site. A site that issues this kind of bonus will do so even if you haven't funded your account yet. This bonus is for new players on the platform.

Welcome bonus: A welcome bonus is another bonus for new players who make their first deposit into their account.

Free spins: Free spins are popular bonuses issued by most online platforms to encourage players to play more. If you win a free spin, you unlock great prizes. Free spins are available daily, weekly, or monthly.

Referral bonus: This bonus is used as a promotional tool to encourage current players to recommend the platform to new players. Once you open an account with a bingo site that offers this bonus, a referral link is generated for you, and you can broadcast this link on multiple platforms. If a new player registers with the link and funds their account, the site will reward you with a bonus.

VIP bonus: VIP bonuses are specially for players who have used the platform for an extended period of time. If you become a VIP, you enjoy certain benefits like getting regular loyalty bonuses, a personal account manager, vacation trips, among other things.

Laws guiding the game of Bingo

Bingo is regulated by the Gambling Act of 2005. Before then, it was regulated by the Gambling Act of 1968. This act regulates all forms of games of chance. According to the law, this game can be played at registered premises as long as they meet the guidelines as prescribed by law. However, to counter the restrictions placed on gaming houses, many operators use online platforms to avoid contravening the law.

How to choose the best bingo website?

Before we proceed to review the best bingo sites in the UK, let us address some of the things to look out for when choosing a reliable website to play bingo

Identify your preference

The first thing you should do even before you start your search for a reliable platform is to know your preferences. What are you looking to enjoy on a bingo site? Knowing what you want is a key first step to picking a site that suits you. This is important because sites offer different incentives to their players, and not all sites will suit you. For example, some sites are best for beginners, while others are better for experienced players and have complex features. If you identify your preference, you will be better placed to pick a reliable site that meets your requirement.

Is the site regulated?

Make sure the website is regulated if you want to secure your investment. This factor is very important, and players who ignore licensing end up paying for it by losing their money. So before you open a bingo account with any platform and fund it, you need to check for their license and if they are regulated by relevant bodies. For the UK, the body responsible for this is the UK Gambling Commission. To find out, just scroll to the bottom of the site's homepage to see the Commission's logo boldly displayed for all to see.

Try out a few sites first

We always advise players to try out a few sites first before settling for one. If you take this route, you will be in the best position to know which will work for you and the ones that will not. You will also know which ones offer the kind of games you want and how much you stand to win per game.


Some sites offer players more bonuses more than others. Two very important bonuses you want to look out for are the Welcome bonus and an initial deposit bonus. A site that offers players several bonus is an indication that it is not cash strapped and it values its players enough to reward them. Lastly, you need to understand the conditions you must meet to qualify for each bonus category.

User Experience

Trying out a few sites will let you understand the complexity of the platform. Is it easy to use or hard? Do you have difficulty finding the right slots, or is it something you can do with ease? Some sites are quite complex and offer low player satisfaction. The best sites have attractive interfaces, brilliant features, provide ample information about every game, and easy site navigation from one page to another. You should also be able to select tickets as easily as you want, among other things. So, in a nutshell, the best gaming sites offer the best user experience

Gaming Variety

How many games are on the platform? A few? 5,10, or more? The amazing thing about online games is that we have our preferences and some of us have changing tastes. We may fall out of love for a particular game and like a different one at some point. So, using a platform that offers variety is very important. Also, variety offers you even more opportunities to win more, unlike having access to only a few games. Fortunately for you, all the sites that we will review below are some of the best in the UK that offer players a wide variety of games they can enjoy at any time of the day.

Online Community

Another way to evaluate the authenticity not a site is to check its online community. Good bingo sites have a thriving community of players who interact with each other whenever they are active online. This feature is very effective as it can be used to evaluate the opinions of players on the platform. For example, if players cannot withdraw their earnings, they will express their frustration in the chat room. Suffice to say that fake sites do not have such communities. In fact, they discourage interaction between players because, this way, their criminal activities will be made public as soon as possible.

Bingo Software Providers

Online bingo sites rely on software to function. These gaming software increase the interactiveness of the platform and also makes it possible to make payments and withdraw your winnings. Despite competing for the same customers, you should not be surprised if you notice that most of the sites you come across use the same Software. This is because most of them use open source software whose licenses they purchase from their developers. Some of the most popular software include

  • Dragonfish

  • GVC
  • Cozy Games

There are many other software providers, but the ones listed above are very popular among UK Bingo sites.

Return to Player (RTP)

One term you will find as you make progress is Return to Player or better known as RTP. All bingo sites use it, and RTP means how much the site will pay the player out of every £100 wagered. Some sites offer a higher RTP than others, and even on the same site, some games have a higher RTP than other games. If you wish to maximize your winnings at all times when you play bingo online, ensure that you check the RTP attached to each game before you play it. In the UK, 90-ball bingo is the most common RTP, but some games offer more or less. 75-ball bingo is also quite popular but in the US rather than in the UK.

Common examples of games with a higher RTP above the 90- ball bingo are Fluffy Favorites, Gonzo Quest, Imogen with a higher RTP ceiling.


UK players can play bingo on so many Bingo sites UK, but these ten sites are some of the best in the game. However, if you choose to use a platform not reviewed here, make sure you do your due diligence before committing your resources. You can use the tips highlighted in this review to choose a very good one if you want to minimize your risk.

Please gamble responsibly.