Share subscriptions under the 1998 option warrants and subsequent increase in share capital

Altogether 2 195 Outokumpu Oyj shares have been subscribed for between December 20 and December 31, 2003 under the option warrants issued in 1998.
The corresponding increase in share capital has been entered into the Trade Register today. The registered share capital of the Company is therefore EUR 303 579 812 and the number of the shares issued 178 576 360.

An application has been submitted for listing the shares now subscribed together with the old shares on the main list of the Helsinki Exchanges as of January 13, 2004. The new shares entitle holders to dividend for the financial period in which the conversion or subscription has occurred. Other shareholder's rights apply as soon as the increase in share capital has been entered into the Trade Register and the share ownership has been entered in the shareholder's register of the Company held by The Finnish Central Securities Depository.

The option warrants were issued in March 1998. The option warrants are exercisable from May 2, 2001 through March 31, 2004. Each option warrant entitles holders thereof to subscribe for 1 097.56 shares of Outokumpu Oyj at a price of EUR 8.56 per share. The option warrants have been traded in the Helsinki Exchanges since June 21, 2001.

If the outstanding option warrants are exercised, additional 2 174 266.36 new shares will be issued and Outokumpu's share capital will increase by EUR 3 696 252.81.

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