Paf invests €320 000 in gambling addiction research

The Åland-based gaming company Paf launches research cooperation with the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University. The cooperation comprises a four-year research project on online gaming with focus on setting limits, customer contact and feedback on gaming habits. The research project is led by Professor of Psychology Per Carlbring and funded by Paf.

The research project is based on the Paf gaming site and examines different communication methods online in order to combat problem gambling and gambling addiction. The four-year project is financed by Paf with a total investment of €320 000.

“We're looking forward to the long-term cooperation with the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University which is internationally at the forefront of research of gambling addiction. Responsible gaming pervades our whole operation and we are therefore convinced that the research outcome is going to guide our future development in that area. We are going to share the results of the research and we hope that the knowledge will have impact in the broader online gaming industry, as we at Paf believe that exchange of knowledge and cooperation within the industry concerning responsible gaming is the way to go”, says Daniela Johansson, Chief Responsibility Officer at Paf.

Among other aspects, the research project will examine what communication methods are required for increasing the proportion of gamblers who voluntarily choose to set limits to their gambling and how it affects the gambling behaviour. The research also examines various ways and channels of contacting gamblers who are deemed to be in the risk zone of problem gambling, as well as how and in which way different types of objective information can increase awareness of individual gambling habits of online gamblers.

“In my previous research, I have been able to demonstrate that web-based treatment can be of good help for individuals having developed gambling problems. I think, however, that it's even better to prevent the problems. So I hope that the methods that we are going to provide in the course of the research cooperation with Paf will have a preventive effect and contribute to a drastic reduction of the proportion of people needing treatment. I'm glad that we have been given free hand in planning the studies and that we may publicize the results. This research cooperation is something that the whole online gaming industry and public health can benefit from,” says Per Carlbring, Professor at the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University and the leader of the research project.

Per Carlbring is professor and head of the subdivision of Clinical Psychology at Stockholm University. He is a board certified Psychologist, Psychotherapist and specialist in Clinical Psychology. Main area of research is clinical applications for anxiety, depression and problem gambling. He is currently the main supervisor of six PhD students and three of them are in the gambling field. Carlbring has published over 150 peer-reviewed papers and is the editor in chief of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Paf was founded on Åland in 1966 with the clear purpose of creating profit to support the public good. This purpose is still the company’s principal reason for being. Today, the group has close to 400 employees with offices in Mariehamn, Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn, Madrid and Milan. Paf is licensed and controlled by the Government of Åland.

The research project is launched today, Tuesday, September 29, at the international  Paf Responsible Gaming Summit 2015 in Mariehamn on Åland. Paf Responsible Gaming Summit is intended for gaming operators, researchers, decision-makers, cooperation partners, interest organisations and other stakeholders in the gaming industry. The summit is held every other year, the last time was in 2013.

For more information, please contact:

Daniela Johansson
Chief Responsibility Officer
Phone: +358 457 5759 181

Mattias Lindquist
Communications Manager
Phone: +46 729 75 23 26


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