Paynova has signed an agreement with Netsize and is initiating a collaboration on mobile payments. Netsize is the leading European player in SMS applications. The collaboration enables Paynova to offer suppliers payments at far lower cost, and thereby give consumers better prices. The payment solution is the first to allow payment via SMS in any amount and currency. In Sweden the limit so far has been SEK 30 with other solutions.

Suppliers can now be paid via Paynova SMS at far lower cost, thereby giving consumers better prices. Previous solutions in the ’Premium SMS’ system have been expensive for traders, resulting in high prices.

"A strong SMS function is an important piece of the jigsaw for Paynova, one which we now have. It feels excellent to be creating this solution together with Netsize, which is the market-leading player within SMS applications. And several traders with international sites also have the currency problem to take into account - a problem we can now resolve," says Paynova President Pelle Hjortblad.

Because the purchase amount can be varied freely and does not need to be locked at EUR 0,5, 1, 1,5 or 3, consumers can buy different kinds of products and services to the ring tones and logos that are most common today. For consumers, the new payment solution also makes the purchase less expensive, as they only pay for their SMS and the product or service.

It is also more secure for the consumer to pay via the SMS solution as Paynova generates a payment receipt that can be shown to the seller in the event of a delivery problem.

For more information, please contact:

Pelle Hjortblad, CEO Paynova, tel +46 8517 100 07

About Paynova

Paynova AB is a company specialising in secure online payments. The Paynova Wallet is a digital wallet for digital transactions that can handle amounts from 5 pence and up. The digital wallet enables the customer to manage and control purchases limiting his/her personal credit card or eBanking information to only one counterpart. The digital wallet cuts costs and increases efficiency for the merchant. The Paynova wallet is easy to get, use and install. More than 20 000 banks worldwide accept the Paynova solution for VISA and MasterCard payments. Since launch in 2001, Paynova AB has signed agreements with more than 500 companies and organisations that now offer the Paynova Wallet as a payment option on their websites. Paynova is a company owned by employees and private investors. Pelle Hjortblad, former CEO of Tele1 Europé/Song Networks, is the CEO of Paynova.

About Netsize

With a turnover of 40 million EURO (2002), Netsize is the market leader in Europe when it comes to SMS-based solutions for consumers and companies. Netsize offers solutions to companies that use mobile services to create income, to improve customer loyalty or to make information-systems between companies and their employees more efficient. The company has a direct connection to over 50 mobile operators in Europe and thereby offers their customers connections to about 280 million mobile phone users. Netsize acts as the middleman to the operators with the handling of SMS and MMS-traffic as well as mobile payment services, such as Premium SMS, Premium MMS and WAP premium. Netsize was founded in 1998 and employs 180 people in 14 European countries.


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