Prostatype Genomics strengthens its product offering by launching P-score Web Service (PWS)

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Prostatype Genomics AB (”Prostatype  Genomics” or ”The Company”) is today launching P-score Web Service (”PWS”), a web based solution for the calculation of the Company’s patented method Prostatype Score, P-score.

Using PWS, physicians and other healthcare professionals worldwide can easily access P-score, the Company’s unique method for prognosis of prostate cancer.

Fredrik Persson, Company CEO, comments:

“This web-based solution developed in collaboration with our supplier represents a huge leap forward for the Company and forms an integral component of the entry to identified key markets. We are very happy to deliver on yet another key milestone according to plan. Our solution is at the absolute cutting edge from a technical point of view, and therefore completely in line with the values that Prostatype® is offering for a safer and more individualized prognosis of prostate cancer. Through PWS, we make Prostatype® scalable in a way that will facilitate growth on a whole other level than before by making our product easily and securely accessible through secure web-based technology. With PWS, Prostatype Genomics is at the forefront in GDPR compliance, patient safety and user friendliness, which makes it very satisfying for us to launch the service and thereby strengthen our product offering for Prostatype®. This is an important complement to our product, which means that the international commercialization of Prostatype® can be further accelerated.”  

Anders Jonsson, Senior Advisor Cyber Security at SecureAppbox och Project Lead for PWS, comments:

”We are very happy to support Prostatype Genomics and make PWS accessible online through our groundbreaking web technology. PWS, in addition to a simplified process, also offers the possibility to easily add customers and clinics all over the world. By combining authentication with key processes in a shared central web service, Prostatype Genomics can distribute its service to whomever needs it, no matter the location.”

Additional information about PWS

PWS is a web-based customer application developed in collaboration with the company SecureAppbox and leading Swedish urologists. The development specifications were very comprehensive and reflected several different perspectives:

  • Safeguarding patient safety
  • Safeguarding regulatory requirements
  • Compliance with GDPR requirements
  • User friendliness
  • The application shall be globally accessible

In concrete terms, the significance of this service is that any urologist with access to Internet, regardless of physical location, can get fast and safe access to Prostatype® and P-score. The benefits for urologists and laboratories are obvious since their work with Prostatype® becomes both easier, faster, and more secure. For Prostatype Genomics as a company, the launch of PWS means that the Company can offer its product to its customers in a scalable way that is significantly more efficient with less resources than before.

By using PWS, the customer can access a web application where a unique code is entered into the system in tandem with other patient information. The data is processed by the Company’s unique and patented algorithm, which in turn is connected to the Company’s database, to immediately provide the required information to physicians and patients, leading to a prognosis based on the unique circumstances of each individual patient.

In relation to previous methods for the calculation of P-score, PWS offers an easier, more accessible, and efficient workflow, which means that the results of the genomic test Prostatype® can be provided faster to health care professionals as well as patients.

For more information on Prostatype Genomics, please contact:

Fredrik Persson, CEO

Telephone: +46 (0) 73 049 77 01


Certified Advisor

Svensk Kapitalmarknadsgranskning AB, 011-32 30 732,


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