Black Tie, 3D Dice Game

Black Tie is a 3D dice game, with real physics and realistic graphics. It is made not only for people who enjoy playing at casinos, but also for those who like to spend some time playing casual games in their smartphones and tablets.The main goal of the game is to make specific dice combinations (combos) in order to win chips and funyens. You may also win achievements once you are logged in with Game Center.In Free Play Mode, you don’t have a dealer to beat. You play by yourself and just earn points and funyens, according to the combos you make. In World Tour Mode there is a progression. You start by playing against the Good Luck Casino, placing your bet and making combos to beat the dealer. As soon as you have enough chips, you are able to unlock the next casino and a unique power up, which will be available for you to buy and use throughout the game. The power ups will give you more points, chips, and even allow you to roll the dice again or invert two dice colors to better suit your combo.To make your game even nicer, you may also customize it a little bit with metal or wood dice sets.