Red Reserve invests in the new record game Fortnite – contracts some of the world's best players

The e-sports company Red Reserve AB, owned by Community Entertainment (publ), listed on the Swedish stock exchange Aktietorget, has contracted a new world top Fortnite team. The team consists of Captain Dalton, "Tempted" Dorfman, Alex "Complexities" Zahariev, Jack "WallHackjack" Franzen and Coach Justin "Kryptic" Pena, all from US.
In February, Fortnite had a peak of 3.4 million contemporary players which is record in the e-sports industry.

– Our new team belongs to the absolute top of the world and is part of our strategy to create one of the world's strongest brands in e-sports. Fortnite's popularity will attract sponsors and partners and we are looking forward to our investment in Fortnite, says Patrik Andersson, CEO Red Reserve.

Fortnite recently launched a mobile app which became bestseller in 13 countries in less than 24 hours after the release and also holds the top position among the top five in twelve other countries. When the Spanish Youtuber "elrubius" streamed in March this year, he beat a record of 1.1 million viewers.
– Fortnite has in a short time become extremely popular both in Sweden and in the rest of the world. For Red Reserve, it's a strong message of strength to quickly be able to tie up and contract some of the world's best and highest ranked players, says Patrik Andersson.

Fortnite is set in contemporary earth, where the sudden appearance of a worldwide storm causes 98% of the world's population to disappear and zombie-like creatures rise to attack the remainder. Fortnite has up to four players who collaborate on various missions that are played on randomly generated maps. The game focus on collecting resources, building fortifications that can help fight the storm and the zombies.

By the Fortnite recruitment Red Reserve continues its ambition to create one of the world's strongest brands in e-sports. In February this year Red Reserve contracted one of the world's best Hearthstone teams. Red Reserve also owns and manages one of the world's top ranked Call of Duty teams and a young promising Counter-Strike team.
– We concentrate on creating a strong presence on the international e-sports scene. By now we have strong teams in many disciplines and the plan is set for how to reach the position as one of the world´s strongest brands within the extremely growing e-sports industry, says Olav Törnblom CEO of Community Entertainment.

For further information contact:
Patrik Andersson, CEO Red Reserve, tfn +46 769-47 73 66, e-post:
Olav Törnblom, CEO Community Entertainment, tfn +46702–190 406, e-post:

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Red Reserve is, thanks to the acquisition and merger with Community Entertainment, Scandinavia's (and probably in Europe) first listed e-sports company. Red Reserve today has successful teams in Counter Strike and Call of Duty (ranked top five in the world).


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